Liposculpture is a cosmetic surgery technique used to remove excess fat and loss skin from many places on the body. It is a more advanced type of liposuction treatment that focuses on shaping and contouring the body in addition to the excess fatty deposit removal. It is a generally less invasive and more refined procedure and is effective in drastically improving the body's natural contours without leaving noticeable scars.

Excess fatty tissue deposits at certain places of the body can lead to disproportionate figures for both women and men. Indeed many people spend hours in the gym each week attempting to effectively spot reduce certain areas of fat in the hope that the fat deposit will disappear and they can achieve their perfect body. For some this works and it should certainly be tried before considering cosmetic surgery. Surgery should not be considered a direct replacement for proper exercise and nutrition, it is there for when you have tried that route but the stubborn fat has not and will not be shifted.

The main areas in which liposculpture can treat in women are the hips, thighs, stomach and waist. These areas of a women's body can be notoriously difficult to remove the fat as they tend to not respond well really to exercise or nutrition. While some women may prefer to have their large curves, many do not like having fatty hips and thighs or a fat stomach and this can cause significant distress. You may have tried all sorts of crash diet plans or new exercises at the gym but still the fat will not budge. The extra fatty tissues can really disrupt the appearance of women and make you appear fatter than you are and can actually also make you appear significantly older than you really are. The liposculpture surgery is a procedure therefore to consider if you want a way of removing the excess fat to provide your ideal body shape.

For men the treatment has become increasingly popular. Cosmetic surgery for men in general has been on the increase because of the increased awareness that appearance, confidence and therefore success are all interlinked. By looking and feeling confident it is recognised that you will be helping yourself to increasing your chance of success, whether that is in business or life generally. There is also no more stigmas attached for men who decide upon getting cosmetic surgery and you should not feel either ashamed or embarrassed about considering it. Liposculpture is certainly one of the most popular treatments for men to have. It is generally used by men for excess fat removal from the love handles, stomach, chest (man boobs) or chin area. Similar to women many men find these areas notoriously difficult to remove fat from these areas and it can cause distress and embarrassment. For instance if you are trying to achieve a toned six pack on your stomach but have been finding that whatever you do exercise and nutrition wise the fat overlaying the abdominals and love handles won't budge. In this instance the liposculpture surgery will be a beneficial option to consider in order for you to achieve the chiselled look you desire.