Losing weight is at the forefront of a lot of people's minds a lot of the time, mine included! This article will describe how I stumbled across a weight loss method by chance. There is nothing new in this method, just a number of things that happen and came together that enabled me to lose 6lb in one week.

For two years now I have been attending the gym in a morning prior to going to work, five days a week. As with most people who start to exercise, weight loss is quite rapid for the first few weeks and then it starts to slow down. I considered that I had done well to lose 4 stone in weight over a two year period, however, for the past six months, nothing!

A few weeks ago I went on a one week golf holiday with the lads expecting to put on a little weight due to the over indulgence of food and drink. Imagine my surprise on returning home and weighing myself to find that I had actually lost 6lb. First thing of course is to assume that the scales have gone faulty, so off to a friend's house to weigh myself using their scales, the same, loss of 6lb.

To lose weight while on holiday is unheard of, certainly for me, so had to sit down to analyse how this could have happened. The first and obvious thought was the amount of exercise, playing golf every day for a week, but then I go to the gym five mornings a week, so more thought was needed. After much pondering, the only explanation that seemed to be logical was the food and drink, and this is what I found and have continued to employ since returning home.

1. At work, we have coffee machines on free vend all around the business and I must drink on average 10 cups per day. On the golf course I drink water and nothing else.

2. During the day at work I will on occasion have a snack or two, bag of crisps etc, mainly through habit. On the golf course I am preoccupied with the game and never think about food.

3. When at home, although I eat healthy, (this will be the subject of a further article) I eat three good meals per day. When away with the lads, we were cooking between us and I noticed that the portion sizes were considerably smaller.

The net result is that since returning home, I am having smaller portions, NO snacks and drinking water all day at work as opposed to coffee and over the past couple of weeks I have continued to lose weigh although not at 6lb per week but lose weight all the same.