If you are considering getting a dog, but do not want one who could not sit still if you tied them down and wants to play every five seconds consider the following dog breeds. As it goes, generally smaller dogs have a lot more energy than big dogs. So the bigger the dog, the lower the energy level. Though this does not hold true to all breeds, so if you had your heart set on a mellow small dog there are still some options for you.

If you are looking for some lovable couch potatoes, try these dogs on for size.



The mastiff is the ultimate couch potato. Their favorite activities include laying o your bed for 20 hours a day and perhaps spending a few hours awake. The love to lazy around so much, they hardly have separation issues when you are gone, you are lucky if they even notice you are gone.

Mastiffs needs to be walked to maintain a healthy weight. However they, like you, will not enjoy it very much. They are extremely lazy and dislike exercise and too much play time. They also tend to be a bit drooly, as their floppy jowls suggest.

Mastiffs have been bred in England for 2,000 years, they were said to have been first brought to England by the Romans. They have been used as guard dogs and the occasional sheep herder.

They may seem intimidating and vicious, but the mastiffs are really quite the gentle giants.

saint bernard

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are a lot like the mastiff. They are large and lazy dogs. The saint bernard is a little more alert than the mastiff is. They are great gentle giants as well. The saint bernard has a very stable personality and are very good playmates for children. They also make popular horsey dogs for children because of their large size.

Because of their large size though, you will also have to be patient with them. You may have to adjust furniture so they can get through. Saint Bernards, again like mastiffs, are also drooly dogs though not as much as a mastiff. The saint bernard is also prone to loud snoring.

Because of their thick fur, saint bernards are very sensitive to heat. If you live somewhere that is constantly warm, these dogs are not the best option. If you live in a colder climate, this is where the dog really shines. You will find that the saint bernards' energy picks up slightly in colder weather. The saint bernard was bred originally in Switzerland by monks who ran a mountain rescue mission. These dogs due very well in the snow and are still used as rescue dogs to this day in snowy areas.



Bulldogs are a popular option if you want a tinier couch potato compared to the massive dogs on this list. Bulldogs have a bad reputation because cruel humans mistreat them to make them mean and skilled fighting dogs, but an unabused bulldog is a giant sweet heart. In fact, they were bred in the 17th century strictly for fighting as their jaws can lock and they can be a difficult dog for other dogs to fight. Those over the past 150 years, they have bred to be sweet.

They are a lazy sweetheart as well. The bulldog grows so attached to it's house and its people, it will often need a lot of coaxing to get the bulldog out of the house. Because of their short stubby legs, they dislike walking however should be walked so they can maintain a healthy weight.

The bulldog loves to cuddle and sleep, but it does have a favorite game if you should want to play with it every once and awhile. Bulldogs love tug of war. They were born to have lock tight jaws so this will be a difficult war to win.



This combines the furry size of a saint bernard with the water loving helpful nature of a labrador. The newfoundlands were bred in, surprise surprise, Newfoundland to be a sturdier helper than a Labrador. Newfoundlands were used to fetch fish nets, rescue drowning sailors, and to be calm companions on boats. These dogs are highly equip for the cold and the wet.

They, like other large dogs, do not like the heat unless there is a lot of water to swim around. This may make it seem like this is one of the more active large dogs, but they are real bums when they want to be.

They may have a passion for swimming, but they also have a passion for sleeping. Like the other big dogs, these dogs also like to drool and snore. Though they have a great reputation for saving lives. You know, people drowning or rescuing people from fire, they do a great job for keeping people safe.

basset hound(122055)

Basset Hound

The basset hound looks strikingly similar to the beagle with similar coloring. However, the basset hound is longer and is known for its sappy doe eyes that melt people's' hearts. basset hounds only get excited when new people visit, otherwise they are mellow and quiet dogs. They like to be part of activities, even if you are just sitting around watching television. Basset hounds are also especially cuddly. They have all the fun traits of the bigger dogs, but with 1/4 the size and 1/4 the drool.

The basset hound was hound was bred in Europe centuries ago as a hunting dog. The monks who used the basset hound for hunting wanted a slower dog that they could follow on foot. Over the years the basset hound has become particularly lazy.

They are not fond of walking because of their stubby legs, but do feel up for the occasional bout of exercise. One classic trait fo the basset hound is that they have one of the best senses of smell that dogs can have. They are only second to bloodhounds. Because of their great sense of smell, they can wander off if left alone. They often track a smell for a long time.