Turning trash to treasure using Ebay

Online guide to at home biusness

Ebay.com is a free site that allows users from all around to sell items to each other. Some do it just to get rid of old stuff and others use ebay to create full online store. Starting out your ebay account with have 100 item limit for up to 1000$. As soon as you get close to your limit immediately contact ebay and ask them to raise your limit. Simply explain that you have multiple thousands of dollars in items that you want to put online but you can't due to your limit, they will gladly raise it for you to arond 5000 and 500 items. Trust me, they want you to make sales.

The most important thing to keep track of is your ebay selling score. Its a number that shows up next to your username on your homepage. If it falls below 0, then you will be limited to only being able to sell 1 item at a time. Your seller score is calculated by the amount of reviews divided by your positive reviews. So say if you get 100 reviews, and 1 of them is negative, your ebay seller score would be 99%. To increase your ebay score easily, spend about 50$ on a bunch of cheep items, most sellers give buyers good reviews immediately as long as you pay quickly.

To use ebay you need to create a paypal account. Its free and easy to set up. www.paypal.com. Your going to want to verify your address and bank accounts as soon as possible so you can receive your funds faster. Your Paypal account can be linked dirrectly to your bank accounts and you can use it to send money to others as well. Paypal also comes with a pay me later program where you can buy items and not have to pay for up to 6 months. The credit line starts at 1001$ can can be very helpfull for start up equipment that can be used for other biusness ventures.

Now that you have your ebay and paypal set up its time to start listing items. Go through your house and gather up any and all items that you no longer want. Check old storage facilities if you have one, and bring it all to an area with good light to take pictures. Good pictures are very important. Clean your items and display them well for the photos, have at least 3 pictures per item. It will cost you a little bit more but it is well worth it, especially for more expensive items.

DO NOT pay the extra money to have your item show up in bold. It is unnesesary. The photo pack and the subtitle are important to have but most people scan the pictures anyway.

Make your listings with competitive prices by searching for what you have on ebay before you list.

Always give International shipping options so that a larger audience can be reached, and take time with your descriptions.  For common items that you can find descriptions for online it is easy to go and copy the item description from the items website.

Always correctly market your items. DO NOT list an item as new unless it is REALY NEW. This can land you with a bad review or a case made against you and the buyer almost always wins.

Ship your items as soon as possible, and print your labels through ebay to get your money faster. Buy a postal scale and have a tape measure handy to calculate your shipping costs. Make sure you calculate your shipping costs before you list your item because if you undercharge you will end up losing money.

Get good reviews and make good money. Keep this up and save your money in Paypal and before you know it you will have a pretty good chunck of change no mater what your selling.