The scientific term for man is used for an adult human male. This term however can also refer  to humanity as a whole, all humans everywhere. Our origins are unclear, and still debatable to this day. That is such a strange notion, that something doesn't know where it came from, and seems to defy logic.  However, we are the seemingly the only species on earth that seems to care. We can't be entirely sure of this fact, because we can't exactly ask the ants or even our closest relatives the monkeys do they often wonder of the origins of their species. We have sought to answer this question probably since our origins. Some believe that we evolved from our genetic cousins others believe us to be divinely inspired. Experts on both sides provide seemingly logical arguments for each of their points, but only time will tell or not tell.

One thing we do know is that even if our genetic code didn't evolve over time our culture did. We started out as hunter gatherers scrounging for food and shelter wherever we could find it. We began to learn about how the earth will produce food if you know how to make it happen. We discovered how to harness fire and bend metal to our will. As our technology expanded so did the possibilities of our societies.  We became less and less concerned with just simply surviving to the next day, and more enthralled with intellectual pursuits. Gender roles became less rigid and less defined. Many men still feel the need to be in control of situations, and demand leadership positions. Women have become more and more independent, and assertive in leadership roles.

While the average male mind has had to cope with no longer being the first class citizen it once was there is still a underlying "boys club" mentality in society. While great strides have been made in the job market there is still a statistical pay gap. Women are accepted in to the military, but still have a tougher time climbing the ranks than men.  While man has come a long way in the evolution of our culture there are still significant strides that need to be made.  

Also, man has yet to had to deal with life from another planet. It's almost a statistical impossibility that man is alone in the infinite that is space.  We can only hope that we will have the upper hand when the time comes. It is a lot easier to achieve peace when you offer it instead of having to beg for it.