The best Marilyn wall stickers to make a big splash.

Talk about a fashion statement. Marilyn Monroe wall stickers add a lot of style, a touch of flash, a bit of sultriness, and a bunch of attitude to your home decor. There are lots to choose from, including some spectacular stickers focusing on her beautiful face and other wall sayings that just have that hip wryness to them so fitting of the icon.

Marilyn Monroe Wall Decal Decor Quote Face Red Lips Large Nice Sticker

Below are five of the best wall decals featuring Marilyn Monroe images and/or her words. Maybe one is the missing piece to your wall art. Remember wall stickers are very safe for your current wall treatments. They are made typically of vinyl with no permanent adhesives, so they peel easily off, and can even be reused oftentimes!

Take a look at these top choices and be ready to love them all!

Marilyn Monroe Face With Red Lips: Wall Sticker With Quote

The most popular sticker, and for good reason. Sultry, iconic, and stylish.

This is the icon shot. The sticker of all stickers when it comes to Marilyn Monroe. It epitomizes her beauty and sultriness, and has a modern style that just plain works nearly anywhere you put it. The quote itself hits on the humanness of all women underneath all the glitz and glam. 

The black matte finish of the face matched with the ruby-red lips and famous Marilyn quote works great in a living room or bedroom. Measuring two feet across by two feet tall, it's going to be a focal piece on your wall, so prepare to decorate accordingly. You often don't need to do much more, as it's an eye grabber that is just destined to make conversation.

"Give A Girl The Right Shoes, And She Can Conquer The World"

No surprise here: This is a must for any shoe closet!

What a great wall saying to inspire confidence when getting ready in the morning. It's this kind of quote that makes Marilyn Monroe such a lasting figure, along with her beauty of course!

This wall saying is of course perfect for the shoe closet, but it can also work in bathroom spaces, dressing rooms, or anywhere else where getting ready for the day is the goal. The shoe silhouette does come with the wall quote to help balance out the design and give it some graphic style. For the shoe maven, this is a great gift at Christmas time or for a birthday. 

"I Believe That Everything Happens For A Reason"

About as inspirational as a wall saying can get.

Marilyn Monroe, for all her glam, still had a lot of depth to her personality, and you can feel it in this wall art quote. The quote is long, so the sticker itself is large as well, measuring two feet long by three feet wide. You're best to feature this on walls with a lot of open space in areas where the quote can be appreciated. Bedrooms, living rooms, and foyers all work quite well.

This quote, too, works great as a family wall quote. It's got style, but also a lot of meaning and feeling. It teaches a lesson in just a few sentences and inspires positive thinking, perfect for any family setting. 

"I'm Selfish, Impatient, And A Little Insecure"

This wall quote has some bite, and you know someone who lives it!

Should it be any surprise that Marilyn has some quote doozies, and this is one of the best. It's got fire in its belly, and you are sure to know someone who fits this wall quote to a tee. 

The text graphics themself play with sizes and font types to give this decal a bit more stylistic edge. It's definitely got a cool feel, one that works nearly anywhere in a living space. It's size: twenty-two inches across by twenty-four inches high, so it will be deserving of a premium space on a wall. It also can be placed outdoors, opening up a lot of opportunities in terms of decorating!

Home Stickers Marilyn Monroe Decorative Wall Sticker

Another stylish Marilyn face that looks great with modern decor

Home Stickers Marilyn Munroe Decorative Wall Stickers
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You bet you'll start many people talking with this wall sticker featured in your space. Yes, it's another modern facial take, but it's a bit less sultry than the one above, and it's got a ton more playfulness. At twenty-eight inches by twenty-inches, this sticker has got a presence, and it's color simplicity makes it go with nearly any color scheme you've got running (though it definitely pops with white or other light colors!)

Make Your Walls Fashionable

These top Marilyn Monroe wall stickers have just the right mix of sultriness, humor, and style to make for a real fashionable choice for your home. They are eye catchers and conversation starters across the board. You can't walk past a Marilyn sticker or wall quote and not take notice. If you are one that loves the limelight and has fashion in the blood, these are some of the best wall decals for you.