How to motivate yourself

When you begin to search on the internet with words or phrases like ‘how to motivate’ or ‘motivation’, there can be mainly two reasons for that. The first can be that you need to know about the tricks and ways of how to motivate somebody else – it can be your friend or colleague or your whole team at the work place or even somebody who is close to you. The second thing can be that you have had troubles with finding inspiration from within or outside and now you want to find out for once and for all how to find confidence and motivate yourself towards a better goal, and a better life. This article is mainly to give you some practical and useful tips to how to motivate yourself.

To begin with, those who say that motivation is something that has to come from inside and cannot be taught are probably not aware of the scientific progress going on in the world. It is true that motivation is much like gumption – it has to come from the within. But it is also true that proper handling of the situation can get the gumption out and get you motivated to do something great with your life, or just make it a great and happy one just as you have always dreamed about. It is not impossible to achieve what you have thought of – waking up happy in the morning, loving your job or school, being at peace with yourself which translates in to being simply happy.


How to motivate

There are a few easy and scientific steps towards getting motivated or motivating somebody. If you want to know how to motivate others or even yourself, at first you have to have faith in yourself that you can do it. In the beginning, it might seem like a vague thing to do. Motivation is much like transferring light from one source to another. When this is done from one person to another, it is either easy or tough compared to when it is done by you to yourself. If you want to know how to motivate somebody else, you must know their process of thought and negative sides. Your effort is a great factor here, but so is their will power. So, how to motivate somebody requires a two-way reciprocation. But so does to motivate your own self. Your own relation with yourself is the closest yet most complicated one. If you want to know how to motivate yourself, then you are probably aware of the fact that you require a push to get going at this point in your life.

Recognizing this necessity is an important step towards reaching the goal of how to motivate.

The first step towards motivation is to control all digresses, to control all diversions. Remember the last time you decided to do something but somehow something got in to the way and stopped you before you could complete it? This time, you cannot afford to let that happen. You have to promise yourself that you will get rid of all the diversions and things that do not let you do the right thing. Getting diverted from our goal is the easiest and most harmful thing that comes between us and our success. You can feel tired, or lazy or even de-motivated when you begin. If you have reached the floor level of your confidence, then it will take some good amount of will power to get you floating all over again. However, what works in all such cases is good old faith. You have to have faith that you can do it. 

Taking a little bit of help doesn’t kill - and you have to accept that. There are times when we think that we are enough, and suddenly realize that may be if there was somebody to lean on, it could help. It may be your parents or friend or spouse or may be just somebody you know and has been willing to help. May be you ignored them because you thought you were enough. But as they say, there are gaps between our fingers so that someone else’s fingers can fill them. This is as simple. Sharing with a confidante, letting them in to your world, sharing your achievements of getting motivated and also your promises that you make to yourself during the process can become a great boost that you will begin to look forward to. And then when you know you are ready to walk by yourself all over again, your confidante will be more than happy to let you do so.

Set achievable goals for yourself and work towards them, each at a time. Losing weight has been used as an example too many times, so I am going to look for a different one. If you are a writer and have reached a writer’s block, then you could try to set each day for writing a page of anything. The block can be removed only by working towards it with a particular intention in mind. Life is much like movies and much unlike them. You have to be methodical to achieve something worthwhile, just like to get a great movie made. And unlike movies, we do not get sudden surge of inspiration. We have to work towards it. Set a goal which might seem silly in the beginning, but with time you will realize that achieving each goal is practically increasing your confidence.

Reward yourself for each goal that you achieve. If you love chocolates and are not the type to bother about gaining a pound or two, treat yourself with a small bar with a serious goal that you achieve – like completing a whole short story. And the next time, give yourself a higher goal. Even if you fail once, do not let that discourage you. You are a human, and humans are allowed a fall. But you are not just a human. You are a living being with intellectual faculties, so you have to make sure you do not fail the next time.

The work on how to motivate schedule is easy, only when you make it a real schedule with goals and time limits as well as proper incentives.

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