This is my first income report and I'm not very active on the forum (I read it frequently but post very rarely), so I assume that most people reading this don't even recognize my name. I'm writing this partly to motivate myself, partly for accountability and hopefully to inspire others. The first part of this report is a few words about me, my story etc. If you're not into that kind of things, feel free to go ahead to the earnings section.

My story

My name is Marcin and I'm from Poland. I'm in the "passive income" and "earning money online" niche for quite some time, although I've always loved reading about endeavors of other people but I never really did anything on my own. In 2012 I started doing few things here and there and that led to some results (instead of earning $5/month I started to earn >$30/month). My earnings slowly started to pick up. July was a breakthrough month for me (from 60 to 110 per month on AdSense) which was very cool.

I've started thinking about quitting my job in a few months (I've been working half-time as a .NET programmer for almost 3 years at that time) to become a full-time Internet marketer. July was also the month when I got my MSc degree. Funnily enough, on 7th August my manager called me and informed that I'm being laid off as of 1st September.

After thinking about it for a few days, I've decided I'll give this online thing a shot. I've got some savings, so I'm able to work full-time for a few months on my online endeavors and see what I'll be able to achieve. In those monthly reports I'll post my thoughts on my progress and what I'm up to. Also, if I'll figure out that I won't be able to earn a full-time income online in a couple of months (I don't want to spend all my savings), I'll find a full-time job and try to work on my online endeavors part-time.

So, my first goal is to earn that much money per month, so I'll be able to cover all my monthly payments (rent, bills, social security, health insurance, etc.) - that's about 1800 Polish zlotys = ~550 dollars (very rough estimate). Because of that, 550 dollars/month is my first goal to accomplish. Once I'll achieve that, the rest of the money will go into outsourcing/tools, so I'll be able to increase my earnings faster.

So, that's a short version of my story, let's go into the earnings & goals section.

Earnings and goals


Most of my AdSense income comes from a few niche sites, almost all my Amazon income comes from Squidoo.

Let's go into the numbers:

Source $ Last month $
Squidoo Amazon 55.54 3.91
Squidoo Ads 4 1
Amazon (personal acc) 85.15 4.01
AdSense 162 142
Sum 306.69 150.92
As you can see, August was a very good month for me. I've worked on some Squidoo lenses and some of them have earned me money. However, I attribute most of my Amazon income to luck - I've sold one expensive watch (~$30) and one iPhone (another ~$30) so I'm not really sure how much I'll be able to earn from Amazon in September. Nevertheless, I've surpassed half my goal in August, which is great!
I'd like to thank Skeffling, she has helped me a lot! If you're new and (or) struggling with making money online, check out her blog and her articles on earning money (on IB, Seekyt and her blog). They're of great value. Just take a piece of paper and a pen and read her articles and take some notes. Trust me, it'll help you a lot, provided you'll actually implement those tips.

Goals for September

In September I plan to spend most of my time on Squidoo. I want to write 60 new lenses and update some of my best ones to maximize earnings from them. That's it when it comes to measurable goals. I really have no idea what income goals to set for September, so I'll be very happy if I manage to earn at least as much as in August. If I'll earn more, that'd be great!
Besides that, I'll work on my productivity, so I'll be able to accomplish a little bit more in the next months. Currently I'm working using the Pomodoro technique, which seems to work very well for me. Another thing that I not that good at is keywords research - I spend too much time on it and in September I'll try to figure out a way to do it more efficiently. I'll probably buy a keyword tool to support my keyword research as well.
That's it for August, I'm pretty sure that this earnings report isn't a great one (meaning providing a lot of value for readers), but that's my first one and I hope my next one will be better.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll try to answer them as good as I can. Thanks for reading!