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Msi radeon hd 7950 oc Graphics Card

To begin with, I am just into my first year of PC gaming, but of which I have learn't a lot in a short space of time. To get started, I thought I would take out all the hard work of building a system and buy a pre built one to get started sooner (soon realising I should have built one from the start).

After a while of using my new PC, I soon realised that there was room for improvement on the graphics front. So I decided to do some research on graphics cards, and when I started, I couldn't believe how many different ones there were.

After a couple of weeks of hard research, reading forums, blogs and youtube videos, I settled for the MSI HD Radeon 7950 Twin Frozer OC Edition, as it was in my price range of $200 with good performance and overclocking potential, plus came with 2 free games which were:

- Far Cry 3

- Bioshock Infinite

Being a newbie to PC building I under estimated the power supply for the graphics card and size. Soon realising the 500W power supply I got with my pre built computer was not powerful enough, leading me on to researching a new power supply with the appropriate cables.

I opted for the OCZ 750W, which believe me when I unboxed it, it had all the right cables to power my new graphics card and more!

Connectors that came with the power supply are as follows;

- 20+4-pin ATX

- 4+4-pin CPU

- 2 x 6-pin PCI-E

- 2 x 6+2-pin PCI-E

- 4 x Peripheral

- 8 x SATA


So finally got the old power supply out and graphics card, learning as I went along, and taking snap shots to make it easier to reconnect the cables. After a while I got everything hooked up and was ready for some gaming. 

First up was DayZ:

With my first (pre-installed) graphics card, which was MSI Radeon 6670, I was getting around 10-20 max FPS.

With 7950 OC I was hitting 40-60 max.

Next was Far Cry 3:

In this game I was getting 50min-120FPS in some parts, which was more than expected (this game really does look stunning with a good graphics card).

Finally Bioshock Infinite:

I was getting no less than 100 fps and maxing out in and around  250 fps. Trust me this game is just as visually stunning as Far Cry 3 if you get good FPS.

Finally, with a lot of game play under my belt, and with my new graphics card, I can honestly say that I made a great choice. I recommend paying that wee bit more for a good graphics card as you will see the benefits in-game and you will certainly not have to upgrade for at least a few years. Hope this helps in your search for a good graphics card. Happy gaming :)

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Msi Radeon Hd 7950 Twin Frozer oc Edition

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