10 Muck Up Day/Senior Prank Ideas

Well done for reaching the end of your school career, now its time to end with a bang. The idea of a muck up day or senior prank is to do something that everyone will remember for years to come, but in a lot of schools, such as mine, if you were to do something serious or damaging there is a big chance that you could get expelled or worse a criminal record. so the best pranks involve maximum comedy value for minimum damage.


1.Dress up - all agree on a theme and go for it. my favorite suggestions are: ninjas, pirates, animals, teachers, beach, cow boys/indians, chavs, rednecks or hooligans.

2.Relocate things- on my last day we got all of the chairs in the whole school and put them in one room then we locked the room from the inside and jumped out of the window. It doesn't have to be chairs, maybe lunch trays or cutlery.

3.Food Fight- its a classic and self-explanatory.

4.Personal Rape Alarm - Rape/personal alarms are tiny but really loud alarms that you set off by pulling out a cord. The idea is that you put them in a place that is really inaccessible or hard to reach such as on a roof or attached to a helium balloon that you let go somewhere with a high roof. you can get them really easily and cheep online.

5.Three goats- this could be quite hard if you live in a big city but for a country fella like me it is possible. you acquire 3 goats (other animals work but i think goats are funny) paint 1 on the first, 3 on the second and 4 on the third, the idea being that people will search for the 2 for ever.

6.Bubble fountain-if you school has a fountin then add a bottle of washing up liquid or bubble bath and there will be foam every where (please make sure there are no fish in the pond, my sister did this and all the fish died, she still feels very guilty).

7.Water Balloons -get them really cheep online, throw them at every one.

8.Stonehenge- make Stonehenge out of lockers.

9.Slip and slide-  This is good if your school is on a hill. lay down a long bit of plastic sheeting, squirt on some washing up liquid, get a hose pipe/water and run and jump.

10.Fight!- get one of those old boxing games where the blue man fights the red man, i think they call them rock'em shock'em robots. give it to two lower school students and tell them to play it, then get everyone to gather around and chant fight,fight,figh....... teachers will go crazy untill they realise that its just a game.


one final suggestion, set up a facebook event page and invite your whole year. it will really help get the ideas flowing, also you can use the question voting thing to decide on a theme etc.