Theme your space without sinking your budget!

Nautical decor is a popular theme for nurseries and playrooms (especially for boys), pool areas, guest bedrooms, and even living rooms if you're a real ocean lover. And nautical wall decals are the perfect thing to help you turn your land-locked space into a maritime treat without sinking your budget! They feature some of the great icons of the ocean - from sailing boats and anchors to pirate maps and sea life. Here you'll see five of the best that you can buy to theme out your spaces. Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker Antique Ship Anchor

So you know - nautical wall decals (and any wall decals for that matter) won't ruin your paint. They are built to be easy to work with and leave no traces when removed correctly. This makes them especially attractive for nurseries! You can decorate temporarily without hassle, crazy costs, and lots of time. The same is true for any sort of nautical themed party (perhaps a pool party) that you may have. These stickers are easy on and easy off - and many can even be moved and still keep their stick!

Take a look at these top five nautical decal options - one is bound to inspire your creativity. 

RoomMates Ship Shape Wall Decals

A big variety of nautical decals, great for nurseries

RoomMates RMK1134SCS Ship Shape Peel & Stick Wall Decals
Amazon Price: $13.99 $12.51 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 8, 2013)

If you're looking for nursery wall decals, this is a a great nautical set! There are thirty-four stickers in all, so you can really dress up the room and tie the theme together across many walls. And the set is very playful in tone, but it can still be appreciated by adults. That's a smart mix for nursery decor or a guest bedroom. 

The main decals are the beautifully colored ships, but the set has a wide variety of nautical imagery, including anchors, life preservers, fishes, crabs, and sea birds. Lots of size variations in this set, too, so you can create some fun scenes that actually give your walls some needed depth. 

You can reposition these decals, no problem. So when that nursery is no longer needed, you can move these right over to that spare bedroom or patio to liven up the room!

Pirate Map Wall Decal

Give your space a sense of adventure and mystery!

Pirates Map Wall Decal
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(price as of Jun 8, 2013)

If you're looking for a fun set of nautical decals that will get your guests talking, stick a pirate map on your wall! Who hasn't had the pirate booty fantasy when they were kids. And I bet you more than a few adults have dreamt of it too! This is the sticker set that touches on that fond (and fun) memory. 

It's excellent for a nautical themed den or guest bedroom, and the coolest thing about it is you can design how you want your treasure map to look! This is a sticker set that lets your creativity really run wild. Plus, it's a great choice if you need flexibility in terms of wall space. You can make your map fit any open area that you may have. 

"The Anchor Holds..." Wall Quote

An inspirational nautical quote - great for families.

This nautical wall saying, "The anchor holds in spite of the storm," is one that the entire family can enjoy. It fits perfectly with any nautical theme and inspires those that see it to remember the power of a strong family unit, no matter the turmoil surrounding it. 

It's part of a great tradition of family wall quotes that serve as daily reminders of the importance of those around you. And the nautical theme makes it something that all family members (even the guys) can relate to. It's full of meaning, but not overly flowery. 

Antique Ship Anchor Wall Decal

A detailed anchor that's full of style and maritime tradition.

Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker Antique Ship Anchor
Amazon Price: $34.95 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 8, 2013)

You've got the anchor saying, now enjoy the anchor wall decal! This is a very detailed anchor wall sticker. You can see the wood grain and almost feel its weight! It's an  excellent choice for nearly any room where you're doing a nautical theme. 

This is an excellent wall sticker to pair with nautical wall clocks and other nautical decor, as it has that classic, yet simple edge that can complement your other pieces without feeling overbearing. Though it is a big anchor at 21 inches across and 31 inches tall, so be prepared to give it the room on your walls that it needs to shine. 

Wallies Sailboats Vinyl Decals

Classic sailboats in attractive nautical colors.

Wallies 13651 Sailboats Peel and Stick Vinyl Decal
Amazon Price: $8.98 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 8, 2013)

If you love the image of sailboats off the coasts of New England, then these sailboat stickers are lovely additions to your decor. They feature classic lines and beautiful (and stately) nautical colors. They feel a bit preppy. It's an upscale look, one that can raise the bar in your nautical themed spaces.

They do look great as nursery stickers for baby boys too, especially if your family has great ties to the water and boating. Their stateliness also translates well to more social spaces, so for a more preppy home decor style, these wall decals will definitely stand out. 

Full Steam Ahead For These Wall Stickers

With so many ways that you can use nautical wall decals, you've got lots of choices to make. As mentioned, most of these stickers make exceptional nursery wall decals - especially for those baby boys out there. But don't limit yourself! These decals, when used with other nautical decor, can really make a rather dull guest bedroom or living room into something special. They've got a timeless style and a price that's right!