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Neck Lift Exercises

Neck Lift Exercises

Are you troubled by sagging neck skin, a double chin or turkey neck and too many lines and wrinkles in these areas as well as the de'colletage areas? As we age, the natural production of the all important collagen protein is decreased. Collagen helps our tendons, ligaments, bone and skin by maintaining the strength and elasticity to skin similar to a glue. Reduced collagen is part of the aging process responsible for the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Think of exercise as a botox alternative and better treatment option than radical plastic surgery to improve the chin, neck and décolletage areas. All exercise benefits us by increasing circulation to all organs and areas of the body as well as toning and tightening the muscles.

Try these quick lift exercises every day for at least 30-45 days to notice an improvement in the tightening, lifting, less sagging and minimally wrinkled skin at the chin, neck and décolletage areas.

If you have trouble with arthritis and may have difficulty with these exercises, see my favorite tool below that helps.

Chin Lift

When using your daily cleanser, don't forget your chin and neck. Apply your cleanser with your fingertips starting at the base of the chin and working upward towards your mouth. Make smooth, even strokes across both sides and middle of your chin. Stroke the chin at least 10 times on each side. Take deep breaths in and out as you move your hand upwards.

Neck Lift with upward motion

Up and down exercise – sitting straight with your head looking forward, simply raise your head up to the ceiling and then back down so that your chin touches your chest area. If unable to touch the chest with chin, reach as far as possible with your head to get a good stretch. Repeat this simple movement 10 times and do this exercise twice a day to tone and tighten the skin.

Neck lift press upward

Neck Lift

Again using your daily cleanser, gently apply it to the neck and décolletage area. Cleanse these areas by using an upward stroking motion always moving toward the chin and mouth. Repeat the cleansing action strokes at least 10 times and remove the cleanser with a warm washcloth also working in an upward motion.

Neck Lift Apply Creams

To tighten below the chin muscles, take the back of both hands to the area just below the chin and meet the fingertips of each hand. Tap gently in a back and forth motion and move down the neck. Repeat this motion for 20-30 tapping sessions. This exercise can also be done any time you're watching television. After a few weeks, you'll notice an improvement in the tightening of the chin and neck muscles.

Neck exercises

Fight gravity with this neck exercise:

Lie down on your bed and rest your neck just at the edge so that your head hangs slightly over without hurting your neck. While in this position, use both hands to stroke the skin on your neck and chin in an upward motion. Stay here for at least 20 upward strokes while taking deep breaths in and out. Get up slowly to prevent dizziness. Repeat this neck lift exercise twice a day for at least 30-45 days that helps to fight gravity and will tighten the chin and neck muscles.

Sit up straight and simply turn the head left, then reaching the head upward to feel a neck stretch. Repeat on the other side by turning the head to the right and then reaching the head upward to feel a gentle stretch. Repeat these motions at least 10 times and do this exercise twice a day for less sagging and to improve the double chin.

One more neck lift exercise that's easy to do:

Sit up straight and look upward, using your mouth and lower lip, lift your lower lip upward towards your upper lip covering it completely if possible. It will look and feel a little strange to do this motion but, you will feel the chin/neck lift and tighten. Do this exercise by repeating this motion at least 10 times and do it twice a day to tone, tighten and lift sagging neck skin.

Lose Weight

Many times, excess skin at the chin or neck area are caused from too much weight and by merely starting a weight loss program while doing these chin and neck lift exercises, you'll see an improvement in tightening the skin more rapidly.

Yoga is a beneficial and easy exercise to do that will help to tone, tighten the body's skin with simple stretching exercises. Try the cat's pose as a good one to start with, focusing on looking upward when you come up from the pose and feel the neck stretching.

By focusing on simple neck exercises as a botox alternative, you can reduce the sagging neck skin and improve the lines and wrinkles to the neck and décolletage areas to help you look and feel your best.

Add a neckline slimmer and toner regularly to the above exercises for even more benefits to your sagging skin. It's easy to use, inexpensive and is really great if your hands hurt from arthritis.

Get more neck lift tips here

Always check with your medical professional before starting any exercise program.


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