For all of you who are wondering how and with whom to spend your last day of the year, you've come to the right place. Everyone around me is in sheer panic, of how are they to spend New Year's Eve, when their answer is staring them in the face. We all watch TV, and in the last couple of years TV shows have evolved so much that nearly every target-group watches it.  This excelent New Year's Eve plan will take you just 20 minutes. Why you ask? I'll tell you why!

The Reason i mentioned TV shows and their impact on us, is the exatct point i want to make in this article. There's a TV show called "How i met your mother" which I'm 100 percent sure you're all familiar with it. Well that's a good thing. If How i met your mother doesn't teach you about friendship, love and happiness, then it will sure teach you how to have a blast on New Year's eve.Now before I continiue, it will not be a bad thing to go and check that episode out. It's called "The Limo" from Season 1, episode 11. But, if you're not into watching it right now, that wouldn't be a problem. Now Ted (the main character) had the same problem as You guys. He couldn't figure out how to spend New Year's Eve. So this is the plan.
It involves:

  1. A Limousine
  2. A Limo Chauffeur
  3. Friends
  4. Food & drinks
  5. 3 or more Party places.
  6. Vincent Vega dancing skills

So let's say you have all of this. What then? Then it's on! A limo will fit 6 people and maybe more witch is kinda the perfect number for get-togethers. Available music at all time plus sitting places for everyone. Driving around town with a limo on New Year's Eve. Sounds awesome, but that's not all. The key move to this (soon to be) great night is to have 3 or more party places(pub's, nightclubs). While driving you visit 2 night clubs, but the best party you hit the last. And there you wait for the clock to tick 24:00 whilst dancing like Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction.

An experience worth having. A plan to be admired. Instead of spending it the usual boring way, you have an opportunity to spend it like a boss. It's worth mentioning that a Limousine reflects luxury, wealth and often conected with important and meaningful events. Feel important and spend New Year's Eve the way Ted Mosby would and did.

The Limo