Oil filled radiator heaters are an interesting option to heat small to medium sized rooms. These kinds of radiators have advantages over halogen heaters as well as gas stoves that may make them the best option. Out of the three, oil filled radiators are probably the safest. As opposed to halogen units they do not rise to such extreme temperatures so are much less of a fire hazard. Their advantage over gas powered heaters is that they do not require the heated area to be ventilated in the same way.

oil filled radiator heater

The way that oil filled radiator heaters work is by electricity. This is used to heat up heating elements within the heater that causes the oil that fills the radiator to rise in temperature. This oil then causes the metal of the radiator itself to heat up releasing the heat into the room. Oil boils at a much higher temperature than water, about three times as high. This means that it will remain in liquid form even when it is on full power. The advantage of this is that the unit does not have to be built to withstand high pressures.

The heated oil retains heat for a long time which keeps the radiator and hence room warm for a long time. A lot of oil filled radiators are portable like the one in the picture. This means that rather than turning central heating on and incurring a large heating bill, it is possible to take the heater with you, say from the living room to the bedroom and just heat the area of the house that you are in.

Oil filled heaters are usually more expensive to run than gas fan heaters. However gas heaters not only make the room stink, as already mentioned, the smell is actually dangerous and you must ventilate the heated area. This for me is a clear advantage of the oil filled radiator type heaters.

Most models are also equiped with thermostats. This helps to reduce the running costs. Once the room reaches a specific temperature, which we are able to choose ourselves, the heater will turn off which saves us money.

There are a lot of companies that currently produce oil filled radiator heaters. Some of the most common brands include DeLonghi, Honeywell, Lakewood, Comfort Zone, Dayton and Dimplex amongst many others.