Why is olive leaf extract the new wonder supplement? Well a 400% higher antioxidant capacity than Vitamin C is quite compelling.

Olive leaf comes from the olive tree. Olive oil has long been used as a healthy choice of oil, but the olive leaf has also had a long history of use as a medicinal compound.There are records showing that olive leaf was used in ancient Egyptian times and in Mediterranean cultures.

Benefits of olive leaf extract

Olive leaf extract benefits are numerous. They include:

  • anti-aging
  • anti-oxidant : the leaf contains the antioxidant compounds 'oleuropein' and 'hydroxytryrosol'
  • contains polyphenols and flavonoids including olecanthal
  • helps improve the immune system
  • anitbacterial
  • antifungal
  • anti-inflammatory
  • is good for the heart
  • increases blood flow by relaxing the arteries in the body
  • reduces bad cholesterol levels
  • lowers blood pressure
  • helps fight against free radicals (free radicals can damage cells if left unchecked)

Olive Leaf Supplements

Olive leaf is used to help boost the body's immune system which is why it's prescribed for flu and colds. It may also help to combat yeast infections, chronic fatigue syndrome and viral infections such as shingles and herpes. It's been used to lower blood pressure and for those with high cholesterol. Plus there is early research to suggest it might help in treating some cancers such as prostrate, breast and liver cancer.

Olive Leaf Extract Side Effects

  • Olive leaf has been shown to lower blood glucose and blood pressure. Obviously for some users this has a benefit, however it is not advisable if the user already suffers from low blood pressure or glucose levels. So it may be unsuitable for diabetics and those with low blood pressure.
  • It may also interact with other medications, with a risk of making the body lowering its blood and glucose to dangerous levels
  • There have been few other olive leaf side effects reported thus far

How to take olive leaf as a health supplement

Olive leaf may be taken in powder, capsule, liquid or as a tea. The fresh-picked olive leaf extracts retain the most healing compounds so they are fast gaining in popularity. Read the instructions on the supplements carefully so that you take the right amount : different supplements have different concentrations of active ingredients.

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Always consult with a health professional when taking any herbal supplements especially if you are on medication or have health problems.