Add a little sun and fun to your walls, without costing a fortune.

The island living style and tropical decor are loved by many people; it's beautiful to look at and relaxing as well. No surprise, then, that palm tree wall decals are such a big hit with those looking to decorate in this fashion. They deliver both in design and price. 

There's some that are so modern and beautiful that they're destined for life as cool living room decor, and there are others that are playful and cute--perfect as nursery decorations. Some even have that colorful Key West feel that makes them perfect for adding a splash to your patio, pool area, or cabana. Palm Coconut Tree Nursery Wall Decal with Seagull Birds (3 Trees) #1132 (7 Feet Tall)

And just like any other wall sticker, these palm decals are typically easily removed and reused. This makes them great summer home decorations. You can have one up for the season, and then remove it come fall time. Just remember to stick it to a wall in your storage area so that it doesn't lose it's stickiness or get ruined over the winter.

Below are five excellent choices for palm tree wall decals and what makes each special. You'll quickly see how charming these tropical wall stickers can be!

The coconut palm with seagulls wall sticker

Silhouette wall stickers are quite popular, and this palm tree wall sticker sure does show why. It's soothing. Sort of like the palm trees are in shadow as a beautiful summer day comes to a close. The silhouetting also makes it so that the decals go with nearly any type of decor style you have going. What does black not go with? With the seagulls, the whole thing feels tropical without going over the top, so it can live on your walls all year-long without feeling out of place. Palm Coconut Tree Nursery Wall Decal - Close Up

It's a big palm tree too, measuring in over seven feet tall, so it's perfect as a way to decorate that big empty wall space all in one fell swoop. If you're in need of a temporary nursery where you'd prefer decorations that are playful, but not overly colorful or too childish, this is an excellent choice too.

Note that you can choose to mirror this set--you can have the tree bending the other direction. And you actually have a wide choice in colors beyond this default black, giving you a lot of choice in how to design your wall. You could go with a bright, more tropical color to add an island feel.


The playful palm tree with wild animals decal set

Jungle Monkeys and Tree Giant Baby/Nursery Wall Sticker Decals for Boys and GirlsIf there was ever a palm tree wall sticker set just destined for the nursery, this is the one. The monkey wall decals, along with the lion, zebra and bird, just add an amazing amount of playful fun. It's perfect too for either girl or boy, something that's uncommon among nursery room wall decorations. 

Because of the amount of stickers in this set, you can turn it into an entire wall scene. That's a lot of fun. You can have the secondary palm branch peeping out from the opposite corner of the wall, and the wild animals can be running along the length of your floorboard. Really there's some creativity in design to be had here. 

The palm tree with flamingo and birds

Palm Trees 6 Ft Wall Decal with Flamingo and Birds
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(price as of Nov 27, 2016)

Palm Trees 6 Ft Wall Decal with Flamingo and BirdsThis set shares many similarities with the first palm tree set above: it's in silhouette (but can come in a different color if you choose), it's big (coming in at six feet), and sea gulls are prominently featured. 

The big differences are the shapes of the palm trees and of course the flamingo. The trees are more bunched together, making them feel much more prominent. This, along with the decals being a foot shorter, make this decal set a strong contender for shorter walls, both in length and height. 

The flamingo adds to the tropical style without being over the top, thanks to the silhouetted look. It's a cool choice for your outdoor patio or sun room because of it. 

The private desert island

Private Desert Island - Peel and Stick Wall Decal by WallmonkeysIf you want a splash of color, why not create your own private desert island, featuring three beautiful palm trees? This is a pretty unique palm tree wall sticker. The squared design of the sticker makes it feel very modern--sort of like the island is floating in a space all its own. Like you're looking through a window in your wall into a peaceful, secluded world. 

If you prefer, you don't need to go with the boxy design.  You can decide not to place the deep blue ocean part of the sticker set and just stick with the island and the light blue ocean strip surrounding it. It's certainly much less modern art feeling, but more flexible in its usage that way. 

A beach and palm trees scene

Best Quality Vinyl Wall Sticker Decals - Beach & palm trees - No- 2111If a big wall decal is not ging to work with your space, take a look at this smaller set. What it lacks in size it makes up for in scene. It's an entire relaxing beach front locale that looks just great on a wall. It comes in multiple colors, and because of this and its size, you can make this sticker set work even if there's already a lot going on in your space. 

However you go about it, there's surprising value in palm tree wall decals. They are normally pretty large, some up to seven feet tall as you've seen, but the prices are surprisingly inexpensive for what you get. If you've been challenging yourself to come up with a cool wall design for a big blank wall in your home, one of these palm tree stickers can fill up the space quite nicely. And do so in a relaxing tropical style that people just love.