I have 4 cats, 2 dogs and recently added 2 hamsters as we did have 4 to begin with but couldnt cope so gave to a young family relative. Having pets and not much money in the ressesion is hard but we wouldn't get rid of them if we couldnt look after them. All cats have different looks and aren't related but 3 of them love each over and the left one is a white 2 year old male with an attitude to be free and with not being the only or oldest cat we have gets touchy with the others so keeps to himself. He can be cute but at times he scares my gran when he snarles at the others so her dog that stays tells him off as she is the oldest of all the animals we have and shes the best, mothering all animals as shes not had any pups and can't either.

Everyone whos got a pet says they are like a child to them but my grans dog is more of a child to her than my mum was. I mean mums can test our patience at times but we still love them, whereas with my mum and gran I don't see much love there and don't think that I ever did. Wondering why they were like that I know its got something to do with them living together and gran having to look after us three while mum worked to feed and clothes us. The gap they share worries me about the future and when I have my own family as to how my mum reacts as to they way we are now, which isn't close or anything.

Overall I have a great passion for the welfare of all animals yet I don't work in the field many times I feel like I am or maybe thats what I should be doing, like many people with pets I hate having to clean their mess up even though if the roles where revearsed between owner and pet then they would have to do the same and possibly feel the same about it. I am a very caring person and my job is a care worker for the elderly I like them being independent but when they pass on I get soooo upset as I get close to them there like family to me. I feel a lot my emotions are like a cats I believe that if I were to reincarnate then I would die and come back in the world as a cat I'm sure of it. Everytime I see a kitten as I have recently looked after three while my mum found them homes which was a success, I got so close to each one I wanted to keep them but knew that we had four already and that they would be happier on there own with there individual owners even though two of them were sooo close they couldn't sleep without the other one as we seperated them for twenty minutes and the one left went looking for the other.

I loved them but I love my four cats and wouldn't change them in any way ones independent and gets attention when she wants it and two are close nit brothers and the last one is a loner who always want attenton hes cute they all are. I wouldn't get rid of any as they all get along with each other in one way or another.