Should I Buy a Norelco AT810 or AT830?

Here we will take a look at two very popular electric shavers from Philips the Norelco AT810 Vs AT830 by carrying out a feature-by-feature breakdown analysis so you will get a clear overview as to the differences and similarities are between them, and ultimately what each 'PowerTouch with AquaTec' shaver can offer you. From, this you will then be able see which shaver -- the AT810 or AT830 -- best suits your facial shaving/ trimming/ grooming needs & in turn which offers the best value for money with respect to their price tags.

Fitted Technology & Shaving Experience

AT810: Flexing Heads | Super Lift & Cut | Dual Precision

AT830: Smart Pivot | Super Lift & Cut | Dual Precision

The Dual precision shaving system ensures that all sized hairs (both the longest & even shortest stubble) are cut -- allowing for a even & uniform shaved look. The three floating & flexing heads ensure high level of comfort and minimal irritation due to being designed to "protect your skin".

They also uses the innovative 'lift and cut' that uses a dual blade system -- i) one to lift the flat lying hair and then ii) the second to cut it off at skin level. The AT830 does differ slightly as it acts to remain within a close proximity to the skin to give a fast and effective shave that's smooth on your skin along with the Smart Pivot to help you get into 'hard to reach areas' easier.

Philips Norelco Shaver 4100 (Model AT810/41)
Amazon Price: $69.99 $52.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 12, 2015)

Shaving Features & Performance

AT810: Pop Up Trimmer | AquaTec

AT830: Pop Up Trimmer | AquaTec

As they are 100% waterproof and are fitted with Philips unique AquaTec seal you can choose whether to shave wet (with or without shaving gel/foam/cream etc.) or dry. Also, it makes them incredibly easy & quick to clean -- simply rinse under the tap and you are good to go for next time (they also come with a cleaning brush to help wipe away bits of hair).

'Detailed Trimming': They also are integrated with a pop up trimmer which you can use to trim and shape your facial hair (mustache, side burns, beard, goatees etc.) with precision & comfort.

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/41) (Packaging may vary)
Amazon Price: $89.99 $74.96 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 12, 2015)

Practical Specifications

AT810: Run Time - 50 mins | Charge Time - 1 hr & Quick Charge| LED indicator

AT830: Run Time - 50 mins | Charge Time - 1 hr & Quick Charge | LED indicator

Both models are cordless (obviously offering distinct benefits in itself) and are installed with a reconfigured & updated rechargeable lithium ion battery that allows you to shave for up to 50 mins (around "17 days" of use). They also have an LED indicator detailing the condition of the battery (low & full) so you know when it is due a recharge. 

Bonus Feature: what I really like about them is their quick 3 minute charge aspect - to get a single shave (in case you forgot to set it charging the night before).

Further Information

Warranty Provision

Both models are backed on a two year warranty that initiates from the day of purchase -- that covers both costs of labour and parts to fix any defects etc. They also offer a 45 day money back guarantee in case you are unhappy with the shaver in anyway.

Dimensions & Weight | Ergonomic Design & Finish

AT810: 1.8 x 2 x 6.1 inches ; 6.2 ounces | Light Blue Silver, Black |

AT830: 1.8 x 2 x 6.1 inches ; 6.2 ounces | Grey, Silver, Black |

Shaver Head Types & other codes

Both shavers use the HQ8 shaver head -- they need replacing approximately once every year.

Accessories -- What's in the Box?

AT810 & AT830: "Cordless razor, protective cap, power cord, cleaning brush, and manual."

Average Review Rating (sourced

AT810: 4.3 out of 5 stars from 550 + reviews.

AT830: 4.2 out of 5 stars from 450 + reviews.

Conclusion - Which will you buy the AT810 or AT830?

So clearly,  the AT810 & AT830 are actually very similar, they use the same shaver heads, have the same accessories, are practically identical in design, backed on the same two year warranty coverage, have the equal run times & charge times as well as both coming with a pop up trimmer & aqua tec seal. The only real difference between the two is the pivoting mechanism in which the AT830 edges it -- offering you a more comfortable and basically easier shaving experience (although rather marginally) but for this aspect you are looking at paying an extra $20. It is up to you to decide if it is worth it or not? I would argue yes, but that's just me. In all both, are very decent inexpensive electric shavers though.

Have You Considered the SensoTouch 1150X?

Philips Norelco 1150X/40 Shaver 6100
Amazon Price: $99.99 $74.39 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 12, 2015)

Also, if you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding either the comparison overview of the AT810 Vs AT830 or about either electric shaver individually (e.g. clarification over a particular feature) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.