Monumental discoveries

Passion for Writing

Being in a good mood, and being excited about my life,  are changes that  happened as a result of drinking more kefir probiotics.  New thoughts seem to ignite like wildfire.  New ideas of glowing sparks fly to higher highs.  This is all quite amazing.  I am so surprised to discover writing as a new passion to share ideas, when my whole life, until recently,  writing had been a burden.  I joined forums and have made hundreds of posts, and also have written articles on web sites for publication for original content.  I just wish I could write faster.  I am even looking for other authors to write books for me.  I have so many new ideas to share.  How does one find an author that shares my passions?  That feels the way I do, and wants to convey those feelings and ideas to the hearts and minds of others.  If you have suggestions, please let me know.  

Culturing and fermentation, in relation to curing physical and mental health problems,  is a very exciting new frontier.  Do you know someone with a health issue?  Think about the possibilities of curing these problems, instead of band-aiding them, like the present medical system does.  Think of the possibilities of a life free from medications, and disease.  Think of sharing these ideas with family and friends.  Think of the possibilities of sharing with everyone else.  The possibilities are endless.  Are we excited yet? 

goat milk kefir

blueberry smoothie

blueberry smoothie
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I have come out of my cave. I am a new man

more new passions

The new me. One month into the new year, I am amazed at what has happened. More specifically the changes that have taken place in my life and within ME. I can honestly say, I am a new man. I have new Passions!! In fact many, many new passions!! Way too many to list on my signature line. Reading over my list of what I thought 2011 would bring, vs. what has already happened, the most obvious and huge 'missed' prediction has been my own transformation. January 2011 has got to be the most amazing January in all the 61, of my life. There have been so many, I will only mention a few, any one of which would have been monumental in my previous life.

Well. my mind is now flooded with answers and ideas. I feel like the Lord has manifest his will for me. Now the biggest problem is not enough time to do every thing I want to do.

My new theme song. Every day I feel a little bit better, Every day grandpa gets a day younger, Every day someones day is brighter now. Every thing is going my way.  January 1 2011, I went to visit a friend and she gave me my first drink of home made kefir.   On Jan. 2, I woke up at 5 o' clock, jumped out of bed and got the fire in the stove going. I stood there wondering : why do I feel soo good this morning? That wasn't a one morning event. Things come together to culminate in a series of almost unimaginable discoveries, and pathways to explore.  It certainly has been a learning curve, to comprehend and analyze all that has been happening.

My mind seems to be bombarded with a constant flow of new and interesting Ideas. Exhilarating is how to describe it best. There is not enough time to write down and then follow through with every thing, so I have been trying to concentrate on some of the most important.

Sharing the good news.  I feel compelled to share new thoughts, discoveries, and experiences.  I guess that is why I am writing this now, and why I joined infobarrel.  I know I am late to the game, and congradulate all you who have paved the way.  Wish I could learn faster, and share faster.  any ideas.?

I have made many new friends, love you guys
I have visited and connected with friends, neighbors, and relatives
I have helped others, and receive much more help back, thanks, guys
I have launched my own web site! yes, and I love adding things to it
Got chickens for the grand kids, started more sprouts, discovered kefir cultures, and thankfully have them growing, discovered living water, and started drinking it, started breathing ionized air and eating living food. I have discovered new ways to overcome depression, illness, and disease. I have read several books, the latest one about endocrine inhibitors, and web and ensign articles and scriptures. I am taking a stand for truth, justice , and speaking out for the silently silenced. Also found out that a dear relative has been silently suffering from the effects of government experiments, and the medical systems greed.  I am going to do something about that.

Started eating road kill,  well actually got some road salt for my new minerals project,   but I did taste it.  Minerals and salts , are another passion to write about and share.   Is anyone interested? Started new revenue streams, and wrote about it. Also have many more in the works. To sum up I have had a BLAST.   Could all this and much more have been the result of adding new microbes to my diet?  We are what we eat.  Our moods and feelings reflect what we eat.  Our thoughts and ideas are generated by our microbiotic flora. Wait,  What was that again?  I am still working to figure this all out.  Let me know what you are thinking, (I mean eating)