In another article here on InfoBarrel I recently published, you could read the hottest business trends of 2011. This article continues with some business ideas that may make you rich and successful in 2010.

1. Beauty Products and Services

It’s all about the looks. People are obsessed with the way they look, and if you offer a way to make them more beautiful or get them rid of problems like acne or bad teeth, you will make tons of money.

2. Employment screening service

Many companies need someone to screen new potential employees. This can prevent the company from much embarrassment and costs. The employee might be a criminal or someone partakes in other illegal activities. Screening is very easy nowadays with the growing importance of social media like Twitter and Facebook.

3. Plan retirement

The ageing of population increases with rapid speed. More and more people in developed countries will retire the following years. Most of these people need some help with the planning of their retirement. Therefore, this might be an attractive business to specialize in nowadays.

4. Online Privacy

More and more people are victim of identity theft the last few years. In recent weeks, major brands such as Sony PlayStation and LinkedIn have suffered online security failures, potentially leaving sensitive customer information in the hands of criminals. Hackers are becoming more active.

5. Crowdsourcing services

Many businesses let their customers decide which direction the company has to go. This makes a powerful business idea: Offering a service to meet businesses with the crowd.

6. Notary Public Service

A notary public witnesses the signing of certain legal documents and verifies their authenticity. Notaries are busier than ever: More and more people divorce, more business fail or get established.

 7. Affiliate Marketing

 One of the most profitable endeavors on the internet is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is great, because you have no risk due to the fact you do not have to invest yourself. You can just sell the products of other people and share in the profit.


The credit crunch may have done much harm to traditional businesses, it also gave rise to opportunities for new and innovative ideas that make use of technological trends of the current moment. Especially internet and social media related services are popular and riches can be made easily in these industries.