Turns out that if you do good deeds for others, you end up benefiting just as much - with more happiness and reduced stress. England's University of Sussex measured stress levels among a group of volunteers who conducted acts of kindness every day for 9 days. Being more considerate, kinder and helping others may reduce your stress levels.

And what's more, by being kind to someone, that person will in turn feeling more motivated to help other people too. So it really is a 'pay it forward' win-win situation all.

So if you want to be happier and cut down your stress levels, try out some of these random acts of kindness ideas:

  • Help your neighbor with the gardening
  • Give someone an inspirational book
  • Offer to wash the car for a friend
  • Babysit a stressed out mom
  • Give someone you love a deep hug and tell them how much you love them
  • Surprise someone in your family who you haven't spoken to for a while with a phonecall
  • Send a hand written thank you note to someone who has helped you in the past
  • Give your loved one a 30 minute massage
  • Make dinner tonight
  • Smile at everyone you see
  • Find the nearest volunteer or green event happening this month online and sign up for it
  • Leave some toys at the nearest hospital
  • Give your seat up on the bus, train or tram to someone (don't wait until you see someone elderly, infirm or pregnant)
  • Pick a tiresome chore like the ironing, vacuuming or taking out the trash, and just do it, without any ceremony or comment
  • Make something hand made such as an origami gift or a home made welcome sign and give it to someone whose name you don't know, but who you see regularly
  • Clean up the street outside your house
  • Put some pretty flowers in the reception or the pantry at your office
  • Write 8 inspiring notes or poems on sticky notes and put them up in any coffee shop toilet or any other public place
  • Pack a sandwich and a hot flask of soup and give it to the regular homeless person you see on your way to work
  • Give your partner a 'favor' check book that they can cash any time they like

Hope you liked this list of random acts of kindness. Hope you try at least one of these out today and feel good yourself. If you have an act of kindness : feel free to add it to the comment box below!