Who ever said athletic socks need to be boring?

When you think of athletic socks, for many the mind automatically jumps to white tube tops with very little style. Yes, they may sport a couple of colorful rings around the band, but that's it. Not these athletic socks. Red Lion socks are an athlete's dream when it comes to making a creative statement on the court or the field. Below are five of the most popular Red Lion sock options so that you can see for yourself. 

Red Lion Compression Krazy Kat SocksThere are some seriously fun athletic novelty socks in their lineup, any one of which will  make an instant impression! These aren't novelty socks mascarading as athletic socks by the way, these are the real thing. Red Lion socks sport things like graduated compression for optimal circulation and soles with just the right amount of padding. They won't let you down in terms of comfort and function. And that makes these socks a pretty special choice when it comes to novelty socks. 

Whether your sport is volleyball, soccer, field hockey, running, basketball, or something else, you'll love how these socks both look and perform. You've got a lot of ways to show off you or your team's personality. Take a peek at these top five Red Lion sock choices below:

Red Lion Legend Athletic Crew Socks

The standard coming in many bright hues!

Red Lion Legend (Black / White - Medium)
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(price as of Nov 19, 2015)

Have a look at this very popular classic before jumping into some of the more unique patterns out there. These are the Red Lion sock staples. A mostly solid colored sock featuring a unique stripe design (down the back of the sock). Where their creativity shines is in the wide array of interesting and often bright colors. There are twelve colors in all including the basic black with white stripe (shown here), gold, pink, and a whole slew of neon colors (green, orange, and pink). 

These socks do have arch support that is knit in so that your time in the game is as comfortable as can be. If you want a simple, yet still creative athletic sock, these are the ones. They are a great standard team sock. 

Red Lion Safari Athletic Socks

Bring a little jungle fever to the court or field!

Red Lion Safari Socks-Orange/Black-M
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(price as of Nov 19, 2015)

Let the fun begin! These tiger-striped socks are totally cool and come in a surprising amount of colors. Yes, you expect the orange and black, but then you'll also find pairings like neon pink and black, flourescent green and black, neon yellow and turquoise, and white and neon green! There are thirteen color pairings in all, so you can definitely find a pair that's going to work with the style you are creating. 

With cushioned feet and construction on both the toes and heels, these socks have a good level of comfort built right in. 

Red Lion Ribbon Legend Crew Breast Cancer Awareness Socks

Inspirational athletic socks to help raise awareness.

If you (or your team) has decided to raise the profile of this important issue among your fans, family, and friends, these inspirational socks featuring the iconic breast awareness pink ribbon are a good way to start going about it. They come in three different color sets: white and pink, black and pink, and pink and white. They too have arch support that is knitted in for optimal comfort. 

Red Lion Krazy Kat Athletic Compression Socks

High-end athletic socks with a total wild cat edge.

Red Lion Krazy Kat Athletic Compression Socks (Multi-Blue, Medium)
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(price as of Nov 19, 2015)

Another jungle-like athletic sock, but here the pattern is a little more free-flow. It also comes in three color sets: multi-colored, orange and black, and white and black. It'll definitely bring out the cat in all that wear it! It's a really unique looking pattern that almost feels like jungle camouflage. 

Importantly, these are full compression socks that will help stimulate a healthy circulation of blood flowing in your feet. They've also got padded toes, heels, and soles to give a great amount of comfort to the wearer. If your sport involved a lot of running or jumping (and most do), these are top of the line novelty athletic socks. 

Red Lion Jester Athletic Socks

Add a touch of humor to your game!

Red Lion Prankster Athletic Socks (Medium, White)
Amazon Price: $7.50 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 19, 2015)

Jester socks are a popular and very unique choice, and the Red Lion sock varieties are tops.  Like the other socks here, there are many color options available, eight in total, including white multi-colored, black multi-colored, and the wide choice of neon color patterns. Really you can mix and match your socks to you or your team's personality in many fun ways. 

These socks feature a padded foot and heel and toe construction to help keep the comfort going over many, many uses. These are the perfect novelty socks if your team (or you individually) is looking to add a humorous and yet still stylish touch to your uniforms. The checkered pattern is surprisingly versatile. 

Put Your Personality Onto The Field

As you can see, Red Lion socks are totally fun and crazy in just the right ways. They can bring a little humor and inspiration to the field, as well as show off your team's group personality. And they don't need to solely be used in sports! These are fun novelty socks for anytime use, with the added benefit that they'll be extremely comfortable and good for your feet. A few pairs of Red Lion socks can add a lot of dimension to your style, no matter what it is.