Your relationship is as special as the two unique people in it, so if you want an engagement ring that reflects your individuality as a couple, then a ruby engagement ring might be right for you. 

From the famous robust ruby encircled by diamonds that Prince Andrew placed on Sarah Ferguson’s finger to the bright ruby engagement ring also flanked by diamonds that Jessica Simpson proudly showed off just a few years ago, ruby engagement rings might be rare but they always cause a stir.  If you want a one of a kind ring that is sure to have heads turning, take a look at some ruby engagement rings.

Original Star K(tm) Round 7mmRuby rings are not for everybody, many women are not willing to give up the vision of a diamond ring that they have always imagined.  It could be a bit of a risk to surprise your beloved with a ruby ring if she has had her heart set on a diamond her whole life.  However, if you decide to go for it or if it’s something that your significant other has expressed a desire for a ruby engagement ring then being educated on the special meaning and rare beauty of this precious stone will make you prepared for all the attention and questions you are sure to get with this eye-catching gem.

Original Star K(tm) 7mm Round Created Ruby Engagement RingBefore making a purchase with such a high price tag and such an important meaning, try to test the waters beforehand and see how it might be received.  One option if you want to include the beauty and significance of a ruby but are concerned about deviating from the traditional diamond is to choose a diamond ring that is offset by rubies.  If you want to go off the beaten path for the start of your lives together, yet in a way that is laden with tradition and significance, then a ruby engagement ring is worth a look.

Original Star K(tm) 7mm Round Created Ruby Engagement Ring LIFETIME WARRANTYWhen most people think of engagement rings, they automatically think of diamonds.  However, a ruby engagement ring, especially when it is set among diamonds, is filled with meaning and is a beautiful expression of love and commitment.   Even if you have never thought of wearing anything but diamonds on your left ring finger, once you learn about the symbolism and beauty of a ruby engagement ring, you might find yourself thinking twice about that diamond, or at least about letting it adorn your beloved’s finger without some complimentary red.  While some gemstones will be more affordable than diamonds, don’t expect to spend less on a ruby than a comparable diamond. 

14K White Gold Square Genuine Ruby Engagement RingRubies are an ancient stone that come from Asia and are mined in places such as Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and other nearby nations.  Once used as a charm for good luck in ancient times, today the ruby has come to hold a special charm for its brilliance and rarity.  Rubies are an ancient stone revered for their beauty, symbolism, and power.  A Ruby engagement ring could be particularly meaningful for those with a July birthday, as it is their birthstone.

Second in hardness only to diamonds, rubies can vary greatly in their look and quality.  Rubies carry the meaning of passion and love because of its red color.  Legend says that the ruby can bring lovers together through an argument and that they will darken in color to reflect problems within a marriage.  Considering that color is one of the most important determinants of quality of a ruby, it’s even more important that a marriage that begins with a ruby engagement ring stay happy and healthy. 

14K White Gold Square Created Ruby Engagement RingPicking a ruby engagement ring is no different than choosing a diamond ring when it comes to the options available.  Rubies can be cut in all of the gemstone cuts and any shape will allow this stone to shine.  One cut to consider that is particularly striking with the ruby’s trademark color is the heart cut.  Rubies are also flattered by gold and silver alike, making the band choices plentiful.  Antique engagement rings featuring rubies are also a wonderful option as the vintage look is very flattering to the powerful and seductive feeling that emanates from a ruby.  Interestingly, diamonds did not always have the monopoly on engagement rings and so you are quite likely to come across vintage engagement rings featuring rubies or other gemstones.

1.25 Carat (ctw) Kate Middleton Diana Inspired 10K White Gold Real Round Diamond Real Oval Red Ruby Royal Engagement Ring 1.25 CTBecause rubies are so unique, each one with its own hue, it is important to buy your ruby engagement ring from a reputable and knowledgeable source.  Whether you choose to pick a ring online at a retailer such as Blue Nile, the largest online shop for diamonds and jewelry, or at a store with both physical and online presences such as Shane Co., Jared or Kay Jewelers, it’s also a good idea to educate yourself on the points of quality for a ruby before purchasing.  If you are considering a ring with both rubies and diamonds, a gorgeous combination as they compliment each other in any setting, it is especially important to choose a dealer that is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Keep in mind that the first marker of a ruby’s quality is its color.  The ideal ruby is a deep red called “pigeon-blood”.  The color of a ruby can vary from a pinker hue to a deep dark red.  The presence of imperfections doesn’t affect the value of a ruby unless it affects the transparency of the stone.  However, because of the common presence of imperfections, rubies are sometimes treated chemically to bring out their natural color.  If this is the case for the ring you choose, be careful when washing it to use only mild soap and water as chemical treatments can damage the look of the stone.  Don’t be turned off by a ruby that has been treated as this is very common.  Rubies are rarely found in sizes larger than three carats, although synthetic rubies that are larger are available.

If you decide to go for it or if it’s something that your significant other has expressed a desire for a ruby engagement ring then being educated on the special meaning and rare beauty of this precious stone will make you prepared for all the attention and questions you are sure to get with this eye-catching gem.