Gift Ideas for RV Owners

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If you know someone who lives in an RV fulltime or spends a lot of their leisure time in one, a great gift idea would be something having to do with coffee. Of course, you either love coffee or you never touch the stuff, and there might be a few non-coffee drinkers who are also RVers out there, but I would imagine that they are in the minority - not that there's anything wrong with that! But the coffee drinker who lives in a camper, 5th wheel, or motor home might have some special needs that you should be aware of, which also suggest some wonderful and useful gifts.



One thing that's important is that the RV coffee lover has to be able to pour the brew into a cup or mug that will not spill, or at least can be covered temporarily. Those of us who live in RVs know that taking your coffee with you to the showerhouse or bathroom is not unheard of at all – it happens all the time. Or you may just want to carry your cup of hot steaming joe outside to sit and admire the scenery with, if you have any. Lots of folks like to drive and drink coffee at the same time, and RVers are no exception, and a spill-proof mug comes in handy. In any case, a handsome travel mug made especially for that traveling person will fit the bill, and provide a practical gift that will last a long time.

Mugs for coffee and other adult beverages are no doubt very useful, and you can do all kinds of things with them besides drinking coffee from them, but you still have to make it in the first place. Another way that RV coffee drinkers differ from the house-bound type is in the need for a non-electric way to make the stuff. Sure, if you're plugged into an electric source, you can drag out the old percolator or drip machine, plug it in, and get your caffeine fix.



But if you are sitting in your camper out by a quiet lake without power, you should be able to make coffee anytime. And that's what you can do with a stainless steel or aluminum dripolator. This is a 3 piece unit that uses regular filters and makes enough to get you started in the morning. You put the ground coffee in the filter section (which can be used without a paper filter if desired), place this in the decanter, and pour hot water in the top section. Let it drip through for a few minutes, and you're ready to enjoy some freshly-brewed coffee.



And there is another classic way of making the bitter brew that doesn't require electricity either. The French press is a time-honored method of making coffee that came from Europe and is becoming popular everywhere, not just for RV living. It's a heavy glass or plastic cylinder with a lid and a plunger mechanism. Spoon in freshly ground beans, pour in hot water, and let stand for a few minutes. Then plunge the filter disc down through the liquid as far as you can, and it's ready. No power needed, easy to use, and they come in several sizes to fit all needs.