As you could see in my September update I got my first couple of cents on InfoBarrel! 0.88$ in total from AdSense. Nowhere close to payout, but still, it is a motivator. September was a fun experience, learned a lot and got to know InfoBarrel a lot better.

My goal with this October Goal article

I think the goal of this article is two-fold. On one hand, this article will be a motivator for me. When I publish my goals publicly I have more incentive to write and to keep me to my goals. I am setting pretty though goals for myself, so the motivation will be necessary.

On the other hand, this post about my goals will also be some sort of documentation to motivate others. I love to read the income reports from some of the bigger writers here on InfoBarrel, they motivate me big time. I believe I am going to be writing for a longer time for this site, so I hope that these posts can become a motivator for others as well. Especially in the future, when I can count myself among the better writers with a sustainable income. Motivation is always key and success stories work, always.

So here comes my second month of serious writing. (I personally see August only as a try-out month and I was on holiday for 3 weeks as well during August.) I am going to make some serious, measurable goals. This will motivate me to act as planned.

These type of articles will be for charity

I always tell myself I don't believe in Karma. But it is important to give every once in a while. As these articles are additional articles to my normal ones, I set these articles as charity articles. My way to give something back to the community, although it isn't much..

Writing for the Editorial Calendar

As writers for InfoBarrel will know there is an editorial calendar. If you write a post for the calendar (and actually submit it) you will have a chance to get featured (will result in a lot more views) and your adsense exposure will grow with 1% with every article you submit (up to 5%).

My plan is to write around 10 articles for the Editorial Calendar. After checking it out, I have a couple of subjects where I would like to call myself an expert in. At least, I am an expert in it compared to others (for instance, I have knowledge about seasonal depression as I do research in psychiatry within the bipolar depression department). So I will probably write a couple of articles around that subject and submit them all to the calendar. If I write them extensive enough I am sure one of them would be suitable to get featured.

I will explore the other subjects as well and I will try to spread my chances to get picked. I think getting featured will be a great motivator and the impressions will help too of course.

Writing for the contest

Every month InfoBarrel has a contest to gather as many points as possible. You get points by writing a certain number of words in one post. For instance, if you write 500 words or more you get 1 point, for 800+ words you get 2 points and for more than a thousand words you get 5 points. All of these points will make a score where the contest is based on. The winner will get a 100$ Amazon Gift Card, the second 50$ and the third will get a 25$ Gift Card.

The case is, I really want one of the new Amazon Kindle (the 79$ e-reader). I really fancy them and I think I will read a lot more when I have such a thing in possession. And as I don't have a spare 80$ right now, why wouldn't I make a shot to become the first in the contest? The 100$ Gift Card will be used for the Kindle then! Smart? Maybe not as I still have to wait more than a month. Motivating? Definitely. I am going to win a Kindle if I win the contest.

Writing to win?

I did some research. The average score needed to win a contest is 412 points. This means 80 thousand word articles. With experience of only 36 published articles this is going to be a hard thing to do.

So no, I don't see myself winning. I do see myself giving a great shot though. And as a Star Wars fan I can only say: 'Do, or do not, there is no trying'. So I am going for it, I am going to write to win. Maybe I have to make some adjustments after a couple of weeks, as my main priority still is at med school and the rest of my offline life.

Writing 50+ keyword researched articles

I think with the experience I have right now I need to focus more on understanding keyword research and practising keyword usage. This will be another major goal for me as well upcoming month. I have to understand more how writing for content sites work and practice will be king I think. With sophisticated doing I will get a long way.

Currently I have a couple of ways to get out 5 articles within one evening about a certain topic. If the research is done, I can write-up articles pretty quick, so I think the 50 articles is a realistic goal.

Let's say the goal would be 50 articles on a keyword researched topics. This would mean 5 times one topic (if I would write 10 articles on one topic). If I am using my experience correct I will need 2 evening per topic (as one evening means five articles), so for 50 article I would need 10 evenings in October. I don't write much in the weekends, so 10 weekdays. With my current schedule this would be possible. I like to write between 10pm and 1-2am, so I think this all can happen.

Consistent with my goal to write for the contest I have to aim for 500+ word articles and maybe even 800-1000+ words articles. This will be the hardest I think.


Hopefully I will meet my goals in the end of October, I am going to work hard on them. If you want to share your thoughts or if you have any tips, please do so! I will share my results, just as I did this month with my September InfoBarrel Update, next month!