Halloween is all about getting spooked, and that means you need scary Halloween decorations. Whether you are putting together a neighborhood Halloween party or a community haunted house, you're going to want to pick up Halloween decor that leans towards all out frightening. 

Luckily you've got lots of choices to make it work. I've got five of my favorite scary Halloween decorations below as a way to inspire you for creating the look for this thriller of a night. They are all scary, but not too gory. To me, that's important. There's a difference between getting a good scare on, and out and out repulsing your party or haunted gouse guests. It's a fine line sometimes, but it's there nonetheless. 

The Bloody Weapon Garland

A holiday is not complete without garland.

Amscan Bloody Weapons Garland 2.28M
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Bloody Weapons GarlandCredit: amazon.com

For any of the fall and winter holidays, garland is a great choice for decorating the home. You can get it to complement any season or holiday you are near. And when I say any, I mean any. Halloween has got some scary garland choices out there, and this is my favorite of the bunch. There are few things scarier without being gory that bloody tools and weapons. It brings up visions of classic horror flicks that'll definitely set the tone for your party. 

These weapons are made of plastic, so don't be too concerned about hanging weapons up around the house. They work both indoors and outdoors, so it's a great way to welcome trick-or-treaters to your Halloween decorated home if you want to raise the ante on scary for the night. 

The Severed Hand

Right on that fine line of gore.

 Click to open expanded view  Share your own customer images Custom Scary Bloody Halloween Haunted House Prop Life Size Human Female Severed Sick Hand 5 FingersNothing says scary like fake severed body parts. It's one of the scariest things you can decorate with on Halloween. Try placing it in the fridge next to the beverages for the party. Or place it near an entry way as a not-so-subtle clue to the scariness that lies within. If you've got a zombie Halloween party going, this is also an excellent choice as limbs tend to be missing when it comes to zombies. 

If you want to make it a bit personal, try decorating the severed hand with jewelry (rings or a bracelet) of someone people know. That can be a total scare. If you're using these as haunted house decorations, you'll want a few to place about as these can easily get overlooked in the craziness. 

A Big Bag Of Skeleton Bones

Want some versatility for your decorating?

DELUXE HALLOWEEN BAG OF SKELETON BONES - FULL 28 PIECE SET - PERFECT FOR A HALLOWEEN GRAVEYARD or HAUNTED HOUSESkeletons are great scary Halloween party decorations, especially big bags of bones like this one here. Why? Because they offer a lot of creepy versatility. You can dump the bones in a pit to create what looks like a burial site. Or try piecing together the skeleton on a table like it's part of some sort of evil doctor experiment. Or you can even separate the bones and place them in different locations around the haunted house or Halloween party. This'll add a little cohesion to your Halloween decorating. 

Any way you go about it, it's a great choice for being just scary enough without crossing any major gore lines. It also helps leave a bit to the imagination of those seeing the bones. What happened to them? Why are they in a pit? Why are they being pieced together? Those kids of internal questions get people into Halloween night. 

The Vampire Head

Fangs make vamps as scary as ever.

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Gothic Vampire Head PropVampires are as scary, and popular, as ever. There are so many vampire TV shows, movies, book series, and video games that a Halloween without vampires seems like it's missing something. So why not bring a vamp to the masses with a scary vampire head placed around your decor?

You could go either way here too. You could just decorate with it, or you could play up the vampire hunter angle and place it on a pike of some sort outside of your door. Vampire slayers are, of course, nearly as popular as the vampires themselves. You could go for the ultimate scare by making an entire vampire head garden right outside of your home, whether that's the heads appearing to be popping up out of the ground or placed on wooden stakes is a personal choice. 

The Zombie Hand Toilet Topper

Bathroom scares are a lot of Halloween party fun.

Zombie-Hand Peel 'N Place Toilet Topper
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Zombie-Hand Peel 'N Place Toilet TopperSo you've decorated your home to perfection, but did you remember the bathroom? You need to make sure the scare carries into this room. It is, after all, a space of solitude, so the scare is even more potent. There are some excellent options out there, but sometimes the simplest is the most effective. I like the reaction you can get from toilet toppers like the zombie hand above. You place the sticker right on top of the toilet seat, and in a quick glance of the room it can be surprisingly scary. 

If you're going for the "bloody bathroom" at Halloween (it's a favorite), this is also a cool toilet topper that fits right in. It's as if this zombie had everything to do with it. 

Scary Decorations Make Halloween What It Is

There's only one time of year where scary decorations are top of the decor food chain, and that's of course Halloween. You've got to make good on the holiday with some scary Halloween decorations. It's such a blast to bring a little creepiness to life during the season, and they're a must as Halloween party decorations or haunted house decorations. So get your imagination working overtime, and create a scary scene that everyone will remember!