Scentsy Wickless Candles

What are the most popular Scentsy fragrances?

Scentsy wickless candles are the perfect way to give your home that added dimension of elegance, class, and even mystique. The fragrances of Scentsy wickless candles are rich and varied. Here are a few of the company's featured scents, with a note on each one's individual qualities and effects on the senses.

Black Raspberry Vanilla

This is a wonderful fragrance for the summer. It recalls days on a sunny porch, in a warm garden, with the scent of berries and vanilla.

Camu Camu

An exotic fragrance that evokes distant shores. Mandarin provides a citrus note; camu camu and passionfruit a sweet overtone. You won't need to travel to be moved to a distant place with this candle in your home.

Clean Breeze

Clean white sheets snapping on a clothesline in the morning sun -- this scent brings back a simpler time and simple memories. White florals evoke springtime, and the fresh, clean laundry scent brings back childhood. 


Evening blooms on a warm summer night drift through this fragrance, with its notes of sweet pea and jasmine blossoms. A sandalwood note gives that familiar, slightly illicit aroma of youth with a touch of wildness.

My Dear Watson

A sharp and smart blend with essential oils of cedar and suede. As the name implies, this fragrance is distinctly intelligent and sophisticated.

My Home

Simple and sweet, with the familiar scent of cinnamon. Like warm rolls in the oven and a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers on the kitchen table, this scent is like a reminder of home.

Newborn Nursery

A note of baby powder and clean bath soaps, this scent brings back those perfect memories of holding your newborn. A note of the nursery for any upstairs room.

Satin Sheets

Sensual and a bit decadent, with notes of sandalwood and rounded tones of vanilla for a sweet base. Complex yet simple, perfect for an evening with the snow falling and a warm bed to retreat to.

Skinny Dippin'

A bright and lively outdoors fragrance. Crisp green apples combine with melons and other fruits for a jumping-off-the-dock state of mind. One of a kind, and distinctly memorable.

Sunkissed Citrus

A sweet citrus melange of lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and limes. Clean yet earthy, sweet with a touch of tangy. This scent brings the sun in on even the cloudiest day.

Scenty's Most Popular Fragrances -- Ready to Try Some?

Scentsy wickless candles are the coolest thing in fragrance

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