The Claremont Media Console Fireplace Has Realistic Flames and Warms Up a Room

Updated 2019-Our SEI Claremont Media Console With Electric Fireplace is still going strong and warming up our bedroom.

Our first little house in the suburbs was a modest 1400 square feet with 1 ½ bathrooms. Since we often had friends and family stay for the weekend, the bathroom got very crowded. It was also noisy, as one of our bedroom doors opened right into it.

The dream house my husband and I bought in 1994 had all of the amenities we wanted in a master suite. It was spacious-it has 18 foot vaulted ceilings and a dreamy walk in closet for me and a regular sized one for my husband.

Inside our suite was a gorgeous bathroom. We splurged on a sunken Jacuzzi tub and loved the double sink so we could both get ready for work without getting in each other's way.

The room did have one big problem-it is situated over the garage. When we spent our first winter there, we froze. Our oasis became a tundra, and extra blankets and layers of clothing were the norm every winter.

The older we got, the worse every winter felt. Here was our beautiful hideaway from the kids, and for a few months each year, it was not a place we wanted to be.

Fast forward to fall 2012. My husband had had enough of the cold winters in our room. He works online like I do, in addition to his regular day job. He takes his earnings and saves them separately so we can purchase big things, like an iPad.

During his online research for a way to heat our bedroom, he came across electric fireplaces. After reading many different reviews and comparison shopping, he decided on the SEI Claremont Media Console with Electric Fireplace.

This Was One of the Best Splurges Ever!

The boxes arrived and they were huge. Fortunately, I was working from home that day so the delivery men could just leave it in our garage until my dear husband came home.

The assembly was easy-our ten year old son helped my husband take the pieces upstairs and put it together in a little over two hours time. It is the perfect piece for the corner of our room and the cherry finish is gorgeous. This is not a cheap looking piece of furniture! That would not be allowed in our sanctuary.

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The shelf houses our DVD player. The glass cabinets on either side can hold small objects, although I have chosen not to place any knick knacks in there. I like the clean look it has when it is empty. These shelves are adjustable.

While the product description says it holds up to a 50 inch television, we have a 60 inch one sitting on it with no problem. The cable box is stored behind it.

The best part of this product is the HEAT is emits! No longer is our bedroom a frozen tundra. With the remote control, we can adjust the heat to several different temperature settings, as well as different flame intensities. Our room gets warm rather quickly and once we are all toasty, we can turn it off and go to sleep. My kids love to come in on a cold winter evening and snuggle under the covers while we watch a favorite movie or program together.

I like to put on the fireplace and leave the room. In a few minutes, it is warm and there is no chill at all. My husband now calls it the "sauna" because it is so warm!

The fireplace can also be used in the summer, too, as there is a setting for the flames only and no heat. The flames are very realistic!

If you have an empty corner in a cold room in your home, the best electric fireplace is the SEI Claremont Media Console.