The “exercise+diet” combination has long been proved to be the most effective method to lose weight. While a proper diet reduces the amount of calories you take in, exercise helps to consume the extra amount of calories inside your body. In this post, I will introduce you to seven cost-free and simple exercises to lose weight. 


Freestyle swimming 

Swimming is the ideal choice to lose weight if you do not want to spend too much time on exercise but still wish to get the desired result. A 12 minutes’ freestyle swimming consumes about 837kJ calories as it activates all parts of the body into vigorous motion. . If you do this exercise three times a week, you can be assured that you will stay clear of all sorts of obesity-related problems at the cost of 30 minutes' swimming weekly.  Among different styles of swimming, freestyle swimming is the most energy-consuming. Hence grab your swimming suit and jump into the cool swimming pool without hesitation.


10,000 steps everyday

If you walk 10,000 steps everyday at the speed that makes you start to perspire, you can lose 1kg of weight within 1 month. In terms of time, it means you walk for 2 hours everyday at the speed that is a little faster than your normal speed for a total distance of 4 kilometers. This method will be more effective  if you walk up a slope.


Stretching for seven seconds

You should not push yourself too hard when doing stretching exercise. Under normal condition, each round should last only about 7 seconds or you may hurt yourself. One important thing to note is that for stretching exercise, persistence is the key to deliver good result.  If you give up half way, the chances are you will end up turning your fats into muscles which are even more difficult to get rid of. Hence, before you start this exercise, make a promise that you will do it regularly and be true to your word


Jogging for as least minutes 

It is neither sprint nor marathon, but only jogging. It is pointless to run very fast since fats will not burn any faster because of your running speed and your body will start to burn fats after you have exercise for 2o minutes. Before that, it is the water that has been used to provide energy. Running fast will only make the process become more torturous and  unattainable. Thus take a 30 minutes' jogging. Listening to your favourite songs can make the process more enjoyable.


Stand on your toe tip like a ballerina

Whenever you are on a bus or on a train, try not to sit down or lean against the wall but to stand on your toe tip like a ballerina. In doing so for an hour,  you will consume 84kJ calories more than if you are sitting. Considering that you do not spend any extra time in doing such exercise, it is quite worthwhile to try this method though at first it may be a little challenging to balance yourself in a bumping bus. Nontheless,  keep it up and you will find your legs become slimmer and more slender.


Dance to the music

Do you love Korean music and dance? Well, there is one more reason for you to learn Nobody or Gee dance. It is estimated that an hour's dancing consumes about 836kJ calories. Just dance for 20 minutes and you will find your figure becoming more and more close to the one that your favourite singer&dancer possesses. Needless to say, it will be the most enjoyable exercise for k-pop lovers.


Chewing, chewing and chewing

Trying to get rid of the annoying baby fat from your face? Just grab a piece of chewing gum and keep chewing it for 30 minutes. This is a simple but effective way to exercise your facial muscles and remove the unwanted baby fat. It is also advisable to chew every mouthful of food more than 20 times before you swallow it. This will make your teeth stronger while at the same time,  facilitate the process of digestion. It will also slow down your eating speed, thus enable your brain to receive the “I am full” message from your stomach before your eat too much.

dance to girls' generation's gee