Add some excitement to your walls with these awesome pieces of ocean decor!

There are few animals on this Earth that capture the imagination like sharks do. They're one of natures most amazing creatures, and they just inspire conversation. Having one (or a few) then appear in your home decor is a great way to give a little bite to your style. There are all sorts of amazing shark wall stickers out there that you can use, nature silhouette wall decals hammerhead sharkno matter if you're looking for wall decorations for your living room, bedroom, or even a boy's playroom. 

Like all other wall art quotes and wall decals, these are easy to place and real simple to remove, all with no residue. So you can trust your walls will be safe, even if your style isn't!

Take a look below at some of the best shark wall stickers out there. These are five of the top ones that you'll find that'll add some edge to your style no matter your space. 

Walls Of The Wild Shark Sticker

If you're after realism, Walls Of The Wild can't be beat.

Walls of the Wild Shark
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(price as of Oct 21, 2015)
The brand Walls of the Wild is known for making wildlife decor that feels so real that it appears the animal will jump right off the wall! That's definitely true of this beautiful wall sticker.

This bad boy has been built for use both indoors and out, so it can as easily work on a living room wall as it would a shower or pool area prone to splashes.

Walls of the Wild has many other ocean stickers that are at the same level of quality, so you can build entire ocean scenes using this brand, or just stick to the sharks to give your room that playful edge.

Chalkboard Shark Wall Sticker

Perfect for kid's rooms or as a playful living room style!

If you don't want your shark to be too real, but you want the essence of what makes it cool, this chalkboard shark is right up your alley. It's perfect for the playroom of the shark-loving child or as a unique wall sticker for your living spaces. You can write thought-provoking messages on the shark itself that just adds to the experience!

This is another shark wall sticker that works both indoors and out, and at a sizable twenty-two inches long by twelve inches tall, it's got some meat to be focal point on your wall.

For kids, this chalkboard sticker is a blast, as they can cover the walls (at least the shark parts) with their writings, drawings, and thoughts.

A School Of Reef Sharks

Great for making a big statement on your bigger walls.

Wallmonkeys Sharks (reef Sharks) on White Background - 24"H x 22"W - Peel and Stick Wall Decal
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(price as of Oct 21, 2015)
Do you have a big empty wall to fill, and you're loving the idea of filling it with some shark decor? This sticker set is one of the best for you. It features four reef sharks facing in various directions that you can mix and match to create the look you want.

Best of all, this set comes in four different sizes (from less than two feet across to up to four feet across), so you can really fill up your bigger walls or stick to something smaller for a space with less room. Note that these are not meant for outdoor use, so you'll need to keep your school of reef sharks to your indoor walls.

Finding Nemo Shark Wall Stickers

A child-friendly alternative, great for play spaces and bedrooms

If you're looking for shark stickers that are playful and still a little bit edgy for your boy's room, these stickers are an excellent choice. The sharks have that animated humanistic quality, but they've still got that edge that makes a shark, well..a shark!

These are a lot of fun not only in boy's bedrooms, but also on shower glass and in children's playrooms. You can pair them up with other wall sticker sets from the movie to create amazing underwater scenes that the kids will love.

Hammerhead Shark Silhouette Sticker

Create some stylish danger with these shadowy bad boys!

Nature Silhouette Wall Decals - Hammerhead Shark Fish Silhouette - 12 inch Removable Graphic
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(price as of Oct 21, 2015)
If you're after some high style with your shark stickers, then go for the shark silhouette look. In particular, this hammerhead silhouette is quite an eye-grabber. The shadowy style looks stunning on almost any color wall, but particularly on shades of white. Mix that with the unique features of these sharks and you've got a real winner. These decals are very much at home in a more modernly decorated home, and they can easily act as your space's decoration focal point.

You can re-use these stickers (the manufacturer states up to one hundred times), and they come in all sorts of sizes from a foot across to a full four feet in length. There's even a set of four of these twelve-inchers that you can buy so that you can create a school of shadowy hammerheads.

Give Your Walls Some Teeth

You can definitely spark your room style with these edgy shark wall stickers. There's something here for any style room, whether you're looking to decorate a child's space, a modern living room, or an outdoor pool area. And you can bet they'll grab attention. Who wouldn't respond to these popular and magnificent creatures as cool wall art? They are a perfect attention getter.