Relationships have there good points and there bad points. Unfortunately a cheating partner is one of the worst. There are many signs of a cheating spouse, some are more common than others. In order to catch cheaters in the act you first need to make sure that they are in fact cheating. You may already have your suspicions or a gut feeling, otherwise you wouldnt be reading, this but first you are going to need more proof. Analyze their behaviour and body language for a while and see if they are giving away the many warning signs of a cheat. Then, and only then, you should confront them preventing them from being in a position to lie about it.

Are they cheating?- 19 warning signs of a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife

1.Your partner switches off thier cell phone when they are out

Under some circumstances this could be purely coincidental, but it can be a cause for concern. If your partner often goes out at a certain time then switches off his/her phone, they may be playing away. If it happens once don't worry, but if it happens every time they are going out to a friends house or to a certain place, be cautious.

2.They return home smelling of perfume or aftershave that isn't yours.

This is an easy way for you to detect an affair. If your spouse regularly smells of another womens fragrance or a mans aftershave, this may be a bad sign. This is evidence that they has been in close contact with another female/male.

3.They always take longer than usual to get home from work

A classic tell tale sign of infedelity is when your partner says they are coming straight home from work, but take longer than usual. If you know that the journey from their workplace to your home only takes 45 minutes ,but they turn up 2 hours later, they may have gone somewhere else along the way. An adulterous husband/wife would often do this many times, sometimes once a week or maybe more, just make sure you notice when they do.

4.They have little to no sex drive even though they usually have a high sex drive.

If they don't want sex from you, it might be a sign they are getting it from someone else. A high sex drive means frequent urges for sex. If they no longer instigate sexual contact try and find out if they have been stressed out lately. Stress can sometimes effect the sex drive, so that could be the reason. If you still have your doubts ask them why they don't want as much sex anymore and see what they say.

5.When you answer his/her cell phone the person on the other end hangs up

If this happens regulary it could be a warning sign that your spouse is having an affair.

6.You find a condom pack with a few missing

It's common to give a friend some condoms if they don't have any. That could be the reason you've noticed one or two missing. It could however be the result of a two timing husband/wife. The best thing to do is regularly check the pack to see if any go missing frquently.

7.They have entries in their phone with no name or a letter to represent the name.

It could be harmless, but remember, cheaters won't list a name that would raise some questions. They would expect you to ask who the new contact called Derek or Sally is and how they know them. To stop that from happening, and prevent you from detecting their deception, they would possibly list the contact by the first letter of the name or not include a name at all.

8.He/ she has lots of new numbers appearing in their cell phone

Intuition will tell you that something is not as it seems. Especially when you see that there are several new contacts appearing in their phone address book. If you are certain that your other half doesn't regularly make new friends or business contacts this could be cause for alarm.

9. They seem paronoid and distant

Not everyone is good at keeping secrets and two timing a spouse is not easy to hide for some. If they have suddenly become paronoid when the door knocks or the phone rings they could be hiding something.

10. They get their friends to lie for them.

Friends will always protect each other and lying is no exception to the rule. If one friend is aldulterous and they need someone to cover for them, it will definately be a friend. Never assume that your partners friend will tell you the truth if you ask them something. Their loyalty lies with your spouse, not you.

11. They always say they are working late

Plenty of people have to work late. Sometimes it goes with the job. You only need to worry when it becomes suspicious. Ask them why they suddenly have to stay late.

12 Unusual transactions on credit card bills

Is there an increase of purchases you have seen no evidence of? Hotel bookings, womens underwear, jewellery etc. You haven't recieved any gifts lately so maybe someone else has.

13. Late night phone calls

A classic tell tale sign of a cheating spouse is late night phone calls. When they think your sleeping it presents the perfect opportunity to have uninterrupted phone calls with a secret lover. With you safely tucked up in bed they could creep down to the living room and have a private call. From now on sleep with one eye open.

14. Phone records show several calls to an unknown numbers

Late night phone calls combined with several calls to unknown numbers is not a good sign.

15. No interest in wedding anniversary

This one doesn't need much of an explanation. A lack of interest in your wedding anniversary, usually, means a lack of interest in you.

16. Frequent business trips

Some companies require employees to go on business trips. If your husband/wife has go on more business trips than usual, they could be cheating on you. Ask if you can go with them and see what lame excuse they come up with.

17. Stops wearing wedding ring

There is no bigger warning sign then the absence of a wedding ring when they arrive home. Unless your partner is a stipper and the wedding ring scares away clients, see it for what it is.

18. Your partner frequently uses chat rooms

The internet is a playground for adultery. It is too easy for people to meet and exchange messages online. Most interactions can be harmless flirting with no intention of meeting in person. For some, it could be the begininng of a sordid affair.

19. When you enter the same room they quickly close their laptop

It doesn't get more obvious than that. They are clearly doing something they shouldn't.

The warning signs of a cheating spouse can help you get the proof you need. If you truly believe they are unfaithful you should catch them red handed. Learn how to catch a cheating spouse so they can't deny it.