Before telling you the tips on preventing depression, Lets first talk about the meaning of the word.

Depression is a psychological syndrome that affects the mental and physical health of a person.

The most common reasons of depression are:

1. No active Religion
a. lack of faith
-They do not know whats the meaning of their lives. They keep on searching for that meaning til they get insane. Every human must have faith in God so they won't loose their minds.

2. Absence of love
-Everyone needs to love and to be loved. That's the most effective way to put some colors on your life.

3. Lack of care
-If you know that there's someone who cares about you, you would have a reason to take care of yourself.

4. Lack of attention
-If you have family or friends that you can always be with, you wont feel bored and you won't have a time to think of anything that might make you feel down.

5. Feeling alone
a. no family
b. no child
-Still the best way to get happiness is to have children. A child puts meaning in everyone's life.

6. No Job
a. No money
-They can't afford to get their wants that causes jealousy of rich people.

7. Can't be able to reach ambitions
-They have ambitions in life that is impossible for them to reach that might make them curse their lives and destiny for being poor.

8. Feeling no purpose
-They keep on asking their selves what are their purposes. They don't see what the function of their lives and what are they living for.

Things You Will Need

a good memory

So now that I have given you the most common reasons of being depressed, all you have to do to avoid depression is to avoid having those reasons.

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