single on valentines day

Nobody likes to be single on Valentine's Day, but sometimes we do not exactly have a choice. It can be a lonely time, watching all the couples around you being all loving. However, you do not have to let the Valentine's Day Blues get you down. Here are some fine ideas to make this sappy holiday a little more bearable for you.

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Things TO DO When Single On Valentine's Day

Realize it is just a normal day

Valentine's Day is just a commercial holiday created to drive more money into the economy once a year through flowers, candy, diamonds, and sappy greeting cards. This is the mantra of the Valentine's Day single, but it does not make it any less true. Try putting the date out of your head and go about your business.

Hang out with other single friends

Misery loves company! Being around other single and possibly desperately lonely people will make things a lot easier. Invite your single friends over, watch a movie, drink a few beers, and you will find you will have a much better time than on some expensive date.

Visit your family

You should be doing this regularly anyway, but now is as good a time as any. If you have meddling parents that keep asking when you are going to get married, you may want to skip that. Visit a sibling or maybe one of those forever single aunts or uncles we all have. I am sure they will appreciate it. Family is always a good pillar of support to lean on.

Treat yourself

You do not have to be in a couple to skip work that day. Take it off in advance or be naughty and call in sick. Take the day to yourself. Do your favorite things, eat your favorite food, take a nice bath and read a book. If you are good being alone with your favorite things, it is easier than going outside and being constantly reminded that you are not in a loving relationship. Plus you saved all this money not buying meaningless consumer crap for your sweetie, why not spend it anyway? This does not mean exploring all the passions and pleasure of internet porn either, but that is not a bad way to spend some time either.

Go to the movies

You would think a lot of couples would spend Valentine's Day at the movies, but you would be wrong. Valentine's day is all about fancy restaurants and romantic strolls through the freezing February night. While the movies are a popular party in any date, not on this night. Treat yourself to a movie with a fat sack of popcorn and sugary snacks. It is a good way to blow a few hours.

Go to a Singles party

You would be surprised how many bars throw singles parties on Valentine's Day. It is a lot. Bars are the dwelling for the lonely. Go to a party, meet some new people, have a few drinks. It could be a fun night. Who knows? The person of your dreams could be there waiting for you.

Embrace your freedom

Love ain't nothing but a ball and chain, man. You are a free single person, enjoy it. After a few years of relationship, you may miss it. You do not have to treat another person to dinner, buy them anything, or jump through hoops on Valentine's Day. You can go where you like, when you like, and buy what you like. Take it from someone who has been in a relationship for several years, you will miss the freedom.

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Things NOT TO DO When Single On Valentine's Day

Do not go to a sit down restaurant

They are breeding grounds for sappy couples. You know the kind. Hands held, eyes locked, sharing a bottle of wine in a dim room. Those sappy kinds. A person has to eat, though. Order in, or better go have a sit down at a fast food restaurant. You won't find many couples going to a fast food restaurant on this holiday, but if you do, you can giggle to yourself.

Do not go on a new date

Biggest mistake you will ever make. I guarantee that. Going on a new date with someone on Valentine's day is a recipe for disaster. You will both be pressured into making the date into something it is not and both sides may be pressured into do something they may not be ready for.

Avoid stores

Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday. Stores like to assault you with pink and red right when you come in the door. Avoid them unless you are going to buy some pretty flowers for yourself.

Contact your Ex

NO. No, no, no, No! Bad Single! Put down the phone or email. Even if you are single and your ex is single, does not mean you can find solace with each other. On a day like this, it is natural to think about the person you were once with and have those fond feelings stir around. However, you broke up with them for a reason. They were not right for you, do not try to stir up old trouble just because you are lonely.

No romantic movies

Today is not the day for those. Consider another day. Romantic movies are filled with things called love triggers. Guess what those do? Yeah, they trigger the reminder of how alone you are. Try a horror film. That shadow that you think you saw run past the doorway will keep you creeped out enough to forget what day it is.

Drink heavily

While a little drinking can be healthy and fun, overdoing it is not the answer. Do not drown your sorrows in a bottle of Jack Daniels, he is kind of a jerk and never helps. The best reason not to over drink is because Valentine's Day is just a crappy day. You have to get up and go to work tomorrow and you do not want to do it hung over. A few drinks are fine, just do it with friends. When you drink alone then you are just a sad alcoholic and are more likely to drink too much and end up curled up around your toilet.

Do not dwell on it

You are alone. It is okay. There is a plan for everybody (no, this is not a religious thing), and yours just has not ended up where you want it to be. Maybe it never will. Everybody says love is the best thing there is, but you can find happiness without it. You just need to know where to look.