Kids love sleepovers, and you can make them even more fun.

What child doesn't enjoy a good sleepover with his or her best friends? It's a great way to make a weekend fun - full of socializing and even a bit of indoor adventure! And you as a parent can actually add to the good times by choosing some fun sleeping bags for kids. 

These sleeping bags are not meant for the frigid outdoors, so don't go trying to camp in near-freezing weather with them. What they are is total fun. They add a sense of play to an indoor sleepover or a summer backyard camping adventure. Kids may actually look forward to bunking down for the night because of how creative their bedding is. Now that's saying something.

Melissa And Doug Auggie Alligator Sleeping Bag

Below are four of the best, most creative, and sometimes silly sleeping bags for kids around. If you've got a sleepover planned for your youngsters, make even their bedtime something that they're going to love. 


Tops For Boys

A sleeping bag alligator will steal the show!

Melissa & Doug Augie Alligator Sleeping Bag
Amazon Price: $29.99 $19.18 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 21, 2013)
This is definitely my favorite of the bunch. It's one seriously cute alligator sleeping bag. And it's got a style that the boys will totally dig. I would have loved to pretend I was getting eaten by an alligator each night. It would've never gotten old.

The sleeping bag is the right size for kids up to around five years of age, which is about the cut-off really for the cute sleeping bag phase for boys anyway. These bags are machine washable, so no worries about boys and messes - it'll clean up well.

Great For Girls

The official Disney line of sleeping bags

Disney Princesses Slumber Bag, Multi
Amazon Price: $24.99 $15.50 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 21, 2013)
Disney never disappoints with their kid's toys and accessories, and their sleeping bags are definitely tops too. These Disney princesses really fit the whole sleepover vibe for the young girls, especially if some of the movies about these young lasses come into play during the weekend. Make it a triple feature night starring these pretty princesses, then end the evening by handing out these bags at bed time as a surprise. You'll definitely get some happy giggles.

Again this is a bag that's incredibly easy to take care of - just machine wash it after the weekend is over and your bedding clean up is done. Disney also offers here a Tinker Bell sleeping bag for the girls, and one for the boys too that features some of the characters from Cars.

For The Boys That Love Trains, Planes, And Automobiles

This hits what boys often love at that age

Olive Kids Train, Planes and Trucks Sleeping Bag
Amazon Price: $71.99 $40.52 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 21, 2013)
This sleeping bag is definitely not as silly as the funky alligator earlier, but boys will still get into the motif of this bag. It's the right color and it features all sorts of cool transportation vehicles. Whether its cars, planes, or trains that your boy loves, there's something on this bag that he'll get into.

Unlike the other bags listed, this one comes with a tiny matching travel pillow. A nice touch that can come in handy in a pinch, especially as a back seat sleeping bag for a road trip. It's a cute sleeping bag that doesn't go too cute, so some of the older kids may get into it more than other sleeping bag options.

It's machine washable too, so there's no muss and fuss when it comes to boys and their habit of getting messy.

Silly Fun For Girls

This lady bug takes the limelight

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie Sleeping Bag
Amazon Price: $29.99 $15.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 21, 2013)
The boys have their alligator and the girls have their lady bug! This is one well-crafted and creative sleeping bag, down to the antennas and tiny lady bug legs running the length of the bag. If you've got some girls that love the cuteness factor of probably the cutest of all bugs, then having a few of these sleeping bags at the ready for the big sleepover will be a hit.

This, too, is machine washable, and it's a great pairing with the alligator bag if you've got a son/daughter combo and are thinking about a little backyard camping trip.

As you can see, there are some terrific sleeping bags for kids out there, perfect for that next sleepover. They are all super fun, and pretty economical too. You don't need to pull out those musty old blankets when it comes to hunkering down for the night. You can keep the excitement going for the kids, and that's a pretty awesome feeling for the parent too.