Halloween is a time for dressing up, for breaking out of the norm of daily attire and taking on the look of someone new. And that doesn't mean just us humans. Your dog, too, can celebrate the season. In fact, many do. Dressing up your dog for Halloween is a favorite pastime of many families, especially if there's a pet-friendly Halloween party happening or a locale spooky parade in town. And don't forget trick-or-treating--your dog will love the walk and attention.

Looking for inspiration and perhaps the perfect outfit for your pooch? Here are my five favorite small dog Halloween costumes. They'll have your family and friends barking with joy!

The Jockey Rider

Easy and yet still very memorable!

Jockey Dog Rider Pet CostumeCredit: amazon.comThere's something to making your small dog look giant that's a lot of fun. This is a pet Halloween costume that delivers on that. It's a jockey that sits atop your doggie, bent over in his racing pose--just like him and your dog are turning the last corner at the Preakness. It's totally funny watching your little mutt run around with this tiny jockey along for the ride. A photo moment, to be sure. 

It attaches to your dog via two straps, one around the neck and the other around the torso. It's perfect for small dogs (say beagle and below), but for larger dogs the torso strap is more than likely not going to clear the dog's waist. If you're looking for a quick costume or one that doesn't involve dressing the dog's legs, this is a keeper. 

The Western Cowboy

Awesome for any cowboy theme party, too.

Pet Western Cowboy Dog Costume (Size: Small)
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(price as of Oct 14, 2013)

Pet Western Cowboy Dog Costume For Small DogsMy personal favorite just because when sitting, the illusion that's created (the cowboy with rope) is so cute and uncannily real looking. Well, as real looking as a costume on your dog will be, I should say. This is a show stealer in my books. 

What you see is what you get here. The cowboy hat, the bandana, the fake arms with the rope, and the slip-on pants. This costume does require you slipping your dog's front legs through the pants legs. At first, your dog will resist (wouldn't you?), but give your pooch time to get used to it, and soon you'll see your playful pet once again. 

Beyond a Halloween costume, if you ever have the opportunity to attend a cowboy or cowgirl theme party-- whether for a kid's birthday or just for fun--this is an excellent outfit for your four-legged friend. 

Frank The Pug, Agent "F"

A fan favorite for many years...

Pet Men In Black II Dog Costume For Small Dogs
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(price as of Oct 14, 2013)

Pet Men In Black II Dog Costume For Small DogsCredit: amazon.comPerhaps the most famous small dog of the past decade! Frank the Pug is an agent of the Men in Black, Agent "F" to be exact. The pooch had a famous kiosk scene in the first movie and a much bigger role in Men in Black II where this costume hit the scene. And the rest is history. His MiB outfit is a major fan favorite among Halloween costumes for small dogs, especially for pugs but it'll work with any breed. 

The black jacket slips over your dog's front legs, and the tie is attached directly to the white shirt, so there's no worries of anything flopping about and annoying your dog. There's nothing here they can grab and chew. 

Superman Dog

Superheroes are in.

Alfie Couture Pet Apparel - Superhero Costume Superman - Size: SWe live in a time of superheroes. With all the Marvel and DC movies, superhero television shows, and the expanding world of comic books, it's hard not to resist going for a crime fighter for Halloween. And that's now true for your dog too. There are a few different superhero small dog costumes out there, but this is my top choice. I like the vibrant colors of the Superman costume, and the cape is a super cute touch. 

This is also great if you're throwing a superhero theme party for your kids. It's a lot of fun to get your pooch into the spirit of the day too!


The Dog Tuxedo

A classic, however you cut it.

East Side Collection Polyester/Cotton Yappily Ever After Dog Groom Tuxedo, Small, 12-InchCredit: amazon.comIt may not be the craziest look or the most creative, but it's classic and cool. Sort of the James Bond outfit for your dog. If Halloween involves some high fashion costumes for you, you can get your dog looking the part too. This is also true for weddings or black tie parties during the year as well. Once you have this dog costume in your collection, you'll have a go-to look for a lot of different events during the year. 

The shorter sleeves are comfy for your dog compared to the full sleeves of some of the other costumes. There's nothing impeding your dog's walking. So if you've got a dog that chews everything, and you're concerned about the sleeves of some of the outfits above, then this is a smart solution for your needs. 

Dress Up Your Entire Family!

Our dogs are our family, aren't they? And it's only reasonable that we want to celebrate the big holidays with them. Halloween can be a lot of fun for you, your family, and your dog, and these  top Halloween costumes for small dogs can help get your pooch into the Halloween act. So whether it's just for trick-or-treating or you're going to a Halloween party with your pooch, enjoy dressing up your dog for Halloween. It's a great time of the year to let your creativity run wild, and your dog will love the attention that comes with it!