Solar Panels – A Filipino's Concern and a Possible Solution

In the Philippines, an average person according to the law must have at least P350.00 (US$8.00) per day as his or her wage for 8 hours of work. However, there are still establishments that offer and pay lower than that amount. Additionally, taxes and other deductions can amount to almost a third of the basic salary, leaving only a small amount after 8 hours of back breaking work.

This may sound dreadful to many and unfortunately, this doesn't stop here. A normal Filipino home needs to pay for electricity and water atop other bills like rent, phone bills, liquefied petroleum gas, and daily transportation. If a person is only getting the minimum amount mentioned above for his or her wages (this amount averages around P8, 000 per month), imagine how much money is left for food and allowances?

Electricity is one of the bills that take up a big piece on the budget pie of every mother at a Filipino home. I never can see the future where electricity cost will be lessened in this country in the future. And as our economy grows weaker and weaker each year, I can hardly expect that wage raises by Filipino employers and businesses in this nation will actually materialize.

One solution for the lowering of the cost for electricity is by using solar panels. The Philippines is located at a place in the globe where the sun shines all year round. Here solar panels will be effective as there are lots of high locations for them and there are places where the sun shines powerfully.

The thing to consider is the solar panel construction and the solar panel costs. Our government has a very limited budget for power production. Mass solar panel construction for the Philippines will not be cheap so I assume that solar panel costs will skyrocket.

Although this dream is a dream that I hold with great care in my heart, I hope that someone from my government will see its potential and the answers that it holds for the comfortable living of all people in this nation. And if someone foreign will take pity on my countrymen to help us in providing low cost solar panels and solar panel construction materials, that person may not be able to put a good deed on his list but might be able to save a million lives as well.