Bravia KDL-55ex500


Excellent sound quality from internal speakers.

4 HDMI inputs, most TV's only have 3.

Excellent menu controls and available options.

Swivel stand.

120hz makes it look like looking through a window instead of watching a TV.


120hz can cause a slight "aura" to be seen around people. (Less than other TV's, but it is still there)

Full Review

When i was first in the market for a new TV i bought a 55" LG from PC Richards at the recomendation of a family member who works there. The LG looked like crap when i plugged it in at home. Using the 120hz feature causes an extremely noticble aura to appear around any moving object on the screen, expecially people. In addition to that, the LG tv would not pass a Dolby Digital signal through the TV, coming into the TV through HDMI and output from the TV via an optical cable. These two major problems caused me to go back to PC Richards and exchange this for the Sony i had originally wanted. It turns out that the Sony was only a hundred dollars more, and it turned out to be well worth the upgrade.

The Sony TV was immediately noticably better. I was now able to get surround sound with no problem, although it appears that the TV will not pass a Dolby dts signal through it, it has no problem processing Dolby Digital. The aura that was appearing around people when enable 120hz was much less noticible, although if you look for it you can still see it but it does not interfere with regular viewing like it did on the LG. The sound quality from the TV's built in speakers is quite impressive, with a lot of controls built in to the TV menu to adjust the levels.

I want to point out that when i talk about the Dolby dts signal not being passed through the TV that this would not be a problem for everybody. I have a logitech digital Z-5500 surround system for my entertainment center, which does not have all the inputs and outputs a newer stereo receiver would usually have. This sound processing problem will only happen if you plug your devices directly into the TV and then from the TV out to stereo receiver. For people with newer equiptment however, all of your devices would be plugged into the receiver via HDMI, and then an HDMI out from the receiver and into the TV, eliminating the TV from having to do any sound processing.

Overall i am extremely happy with my Sony TV. I had 2 Sony TV's before this one and my one experience straying from the Sony brand was not a good one. I believe i'll stick with Sony for good from now on.

In Closing