Hey guy's in this article i will be going over the whole rough process that i went through with our cat getting pregnant and having to look after her through everything including the birth because it was her first litter.

So i will start by saying that your kitten essentially can get pregnant themself at the age of anywhere from 9-12 months old, so not very long. As we found out out kitten just turned 1yr old and was showing that she was pregnant. Now first of all i recommend that if you don't want your cat to have kittens or just couldnt handle them please just save your self the trouble and just de-sex them it's best for you and the world, why bring a cat into the world that your just going to dump or kill?? It makes no sense to me.

Now in our case and in most young female cat pregnacey's there heat is set of by calling males so even your 9  month old kitten who seems fine can be put into heat by a close male in the area and her body will adjust it's self to get ready for reproduction, and you could find that out too late like we did, if your not careful. We only suspected because a male cat keeped coming calling for our cat giving me a sign they had met or he really wanted to.

Now once we knew our cat was pregnant she started getting a small firm pot belly and i was sure i looked up as much info as i could. and sat in for the ride...

What i found out is that a cat will normally be pregnant for around 9-10weeks any longer and you should see your vet quickly, just to check everything is fine.

During those 9 weeks you must remember that you are feeding a pregant cat or essentially a cat with any number of other hungry body's inside her, so you must take great care in giving her extra food and milk.

As for your cat  giving birth every cat will be different in there own right, with our cat she finnally went into labor at 10am and would not let me leave her side. She layed next to me the whole time and was just purring and padding away on my leg now i could tell we she is going into labour she was  all loving, (our's was anyway) but they either tend to want you to be around or they will go off on there own.

If your cat is one of those one's to go off on there own you still must keep  a very close eye on what happens, as anything could happen so just be carefull, cats normally have few problems but things can still happen as our kittens were born it took her an hour to get the first one out. After that there was a whole 12 hours before she gave birth to the second kitten and then another 8 hours before the third kitten. We thought that's gotta be it because she was such a small cat, little did we know when we woke in the morning she had a fourth kitten over night and it did not survive. We dont know wether it was still born or not but by the time we got up it was passed away, Thats why in the begining i stress that you have enough food for your cat around the time she is due. It is normal for cats to not eat at all while they are in laybor and because our cat was in labor for so long she might not have had the energy for the last one, she had not eaten the whole time. But who knows as i said things happen, i just want others to be aware of all the little things to help your cat get threw that time.