How to Get Rid of Stomach Ache/Pains

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Stomach aches/stomach pains are very common and can be caused from various things such as stress and food poisoning but also something more serious will need to be seen by a doctor.

Medicine and lots of water are usually the first and easy solutions to go by if you have them available. However there is a powerful and very effective solution that everyone can use, they carry with them whenever and where ever they are and it's free.

Behold the Emotional Freedom Technique

Also known as Tapping. This method is easy to do and learn for all other problems such as physical pain, anxiety, depression and many more but we will focus on stomach ache for now.

EFT or Tapping is a procedure that is very closely related to acupuncture, where needles are replaced by a series of tapping using two fingers on acupuncture points also knowns as meridian points to relieve the pain in the body.

At first you may seem skeptical at first because it looks strange but once you experience it you will understand. Give it a try if you have a stomach ache I recommend it.There are a couple of things that I recommend you do.

First, think of the pain you are feeling and rate it 1-10, 1 feeling no pain to 10 being the most pain. eg the stomach ache is about an 8. Secondly, locate that feeling in your body and give it a colour that best describes that feeling.

The set up

This is the first thing we do to start the process by rubbing what's called the sore spot, Which is located 2 inches below the beginning of the collar bone and 2 inches to the side, somewhere near the middle of your pecks, you will know that you have found it because it's sore when you rub it. Or you can tap the karate chop point instead KC.

Once you have decided, repeat these words three times while rubbing on the sore spot.

"Even though I have this stomach ache/pain I deeply and completely accept myself" X3

Then tap on each of these points below while saying "This stomach ache/pain"

TH - top of the head

EB - beginning of the eyebrow above your nose

SE - side of your eye

UE - under eye

UN - under nose

UC - the space between your mouth and chin

UA - under arm or the bra strap for women

KC - karate chop point on your hand

Now tune into your feeling again and measure how far the pain has been reduced and give it another number eg. It started at 8 and now it's 4. This shows that the pain has reduced and the tapping is working.


The Sequence

Begin by tapping the back of your hand, the space between you ring finger and your little finger. This is called the Gamut point.

While tapping on this point:

Stare straight ahead for 2 seconds

Close your eyes for 2 seconds

Rotate your eyes in a circle to the left

Rotate your eyes in a circle to the right

Hum "happy birthday to you"

Count 1,2,3,4,5

Hum "happy birthday to you"

And again think of the feeling and give yourself a number. If the pain is still there then do the process again and say:

"even though i still have some of this pain left, i deeply and completely accept myself"


When doing the EFT procedure you will get rid of the pain or problem, nonetheless it is likely that you will notice other feelings or even feeling light-headed. This can be because the feeling has evaporated leaving that part of the body naked from the emotional freedom, revealing another layer, this is a good sign