The Mysteries and Wonders of Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most celebrated ancient monument in the United Kingdom; but what is Stonehenge? What was it used for? Who brought the stones to the “henge” that stands on Salisbury Plain? Was it an astronomical observatory? Was it a temple? The truth is that no-one really knows and we might never be able to find out.

 One explanation is that Stonehenge was a death, fertility and rebirth ceremonial centre; however this has never been confirmed by experts and has puzzled archaeologists for centuries; many myths have been created during the years, including one that Stonehenge was built by aliens.


Facts about Stonehenge, EnglandCredit: Daniel M Ramirez


Facts About Stonehenge

  • It is a formation of 123 bluestones and sarsen that comprises a double ring of stones inside the henge.
  • Stonehenge was built between 3,000 – 1,000 BC
  • The stones were brought several hundred miles from Preseli in South Wales.
  • Most of the stones weigh more than 4 tons.
  • If there were brought by the Beaker people using boats and sledges; it was definitely a big achievement and a process that must have taken decades.
  • The builders of Stonehenge were advanced mathematicians; as the structural engineering needed sophisticated geometrical understanding.
  • More than thirty million hours of labour is the estimation of hours used for its construction; the technology of the Beaker people has been considered to arrive to this assessment.
  • In order to avoid the deterioration and damages to the tones, the government decided in l978 to prohibit visitors from walking within the stone circle.
  • It is one of the most famous sites in the world.


Stonehenge Myths

  • It was some kind of calendar to the extra-terrestrial; the astonishing accuracy and mathematician knowledge was probably too advanced for the era when it was built.
  • It is a portal into parallel worlds.
  • It was created by aliens and contains a message that will be discovered by humans when our civilization is ready for it; this is one of the most popular legends among British people.
  • It was used as a sacrificial temple.
  • One myth tells the story of the devil buying magical stones and transporting them through the air to Salisbury Plain.
  • Another legend says that Merlin (King Arthur kingdom) brought the stones from Ireland.


Stonehenge MythsCredit: Daniel M Ramirez

Probably we will never be able to find a scientific explanation and who knows what other mysteries or answers the future will bring to us; the truth is that Stonehenge is certainly a statement of advanced knowledge from our ancestors and a testament of all time and all the world's wonders.


Opening times:

It opens every day; except for Christmas and Boxing Day – Opening and closing times varies according to the season.

 There is an entry fee to see the stones.



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