Rock some summertime style and protect your skin at the same time!

When warm weather hits, it's time to look into the cool men's fashions that make the spring and summer months so much fun. For those in subtropical and tropical climates, you get this joy all the time, but for all those elsewhere, you've got a precious few months to rock the look.

One of my favorite warm weather fashion items are straw hats for men. They look cool, they come in so many varieties, and they've got a 'fun in the sun' vibe that sets them apart from other headwear. They're relaxed, hip, and cool, while being light weight and airy to wear. That's perfect for those warmer months.Havana fedora Panama hat

Plus, if you're planning on traveling or adventuring outdoors during the summertime, you'll want to pick one of these up. You'll look good, while protecting yourself from harsh sunlight and other elements. That's very important in making your vacation a success!

Below are my five favorite straw hat styles that'll both protect your skin from the sun and have you looking like a tropical rock star. Take a look...

The Straw Fedora

Go a little island gangster or adventure like Indiana Jones

Fedora Hat - Natural Color Straw with Black Band, Natural, One Size
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(price as of Aug 23, 2016)
The fedora just never gets old. It's one of those hats that you can wear no matter your age and still look cool as can be. It's got that gagster vibe--very slick and 20's dashing. It's also got a tinge of adventure to it. Indiana Jones famously wore a fedora, and if you're going summer time adventuring, why not do the same? It's brim, while narrow compared to some of the other below, will still give you plenty of protection from the strong summer sun.

This is an excellent straw hat to dress up with too. You can pair it with a linen suit, or a nice pair of khakis and loose button-up shirt, and look totally fashionable.

The Straw Lifeguard Hat

When uber-sun protection is the game

Quiksilver Men's Pierside Straw Hat,Dark Brown,One Size
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(price as of Aug 23, 2016)
Quiksilver's straw hat is a favorite among lifeguards everywhere. Why? The ultra-wide brim gives you ultimate protection from the sun's strong beams while the straw keeps the hat light and airy. Yes, it's a brim that you've got to get used to, but you'll find that it's pretty stylish once you break it in.

You don't need to be a lifeguard to enjoy this summertime hat, by the way. It's perfect for anytime you expect to be out in the direct sun for prolonged periods. Whether you're at a beach, playing a few rounds of golf, doing some river canoeing, or getting some yard work done, this straw hat just works.

The Straw Pork Pie Fedora

Break a little bad...

EH02EH - Mens Structured 100% Paper Straw Flat Top Pork Pie Fedora Hat - Natural/Large/X-Large
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(price as of Aug 23, 2016)
Anyone that's familiar with the TV show "Breaking Bad" knows the pork pie fedora. The main character, Walter White, sports one as he takes on his bad to the bone persona. It's got some of the coolness of the fedora with a little less angle. In fact its circular rim seems to float on top of the head.

It's not a style every head can pull off, but for those that can, the straw pork pie fedora is a summertime fashion treat that few will be able to sport. You can definitely look bad to the bone.

The Straw Panama Hat

Perfect with a linen suit

HAVANA Fedora Vented Panama Outback Straw Hat Ultrafino 7 3/8
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(price as of Aug 23, 2016)
It's a bit confusing. Panama hats are actually Ecuadorian, but trade of these cool hats all went through Panama to their final destination, so the name "Panama hat" was born.

Beyond the real brief history lesson, these are some of the most popular straw hats for men around. Guys really dig Panama hats. They're somewhere between a fedora and a cowboy hat in style which gives them a stylish ruggedness that's hard to match.

The brim is nice and wide, so you can protect yourself from the summertime sunlight. And the style is well known for looking really good with summer linen suits. I prefer it to the fedora for pairing with a suit. If you're looking for an excellent basic straw hat that'll serve you in a lot of different ways, the Panama hat is probably your best bet.

The Straw Outback Hat

Bring out the Aussie in ya

Outback Tea Stained Straw Hat-Shade Off Tea Stain
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(price as of Aug 23, 2016)
You know those Australians are all about keeping cool in the sun. They get enough of it that they know what they are doing. A straw outback hat gives you that rugged Aussie vibe while giving you the sort of protection from the elements that a cowboy hat would. The brim is wide and curved, and the straw is woven with enough breathing room to really keep cool during the highest mid-day temperatures.

If you are going to be spending long days touring in direct sunlight, an outback hat is an excellent choice. The same goes for people who expect to do a lot of summer outdoor gardening. You want a hat with a long brim for protection. The outback hat fits just right while still looking very stylish.

Get Into The Summertime Groove

These straw hats for men can boost your summertime style in a blink of an eye! If you're looking for that warm weather fashion statement that'll protect you from the elements too, it's hard not to love one of these cool caps. They are fashionable while still being protective. They are light in weight without looking flimsy. And they are low in price without looking cheap. Simply put, straw hats are cool. They can make your summer look.