There are big benefits to wrap-around sunglasses, and you no longer need to sacrifice fashion!

Wearing sunglasses over glasses may have been seen in the past as unstylish, but the world of design and technology has changed all that. In fact "fit-ons" or "wrap-arounds", as they're often called, have seen a style boom and there are many surprisingly fashionable choices, quite a few at extremely affordable prices. Here you'll be introduced to five of the best of these, all very budget-friendly coming in below $50. You'll be surprised at fashionable they can be!

Eagle Eyes Fit Ons Polarized SunglassesUsing sunglasses over glasses also serve a lot of practical and functional needs much better than other solutions:

- They save you from needing to put out hard-earned cash on a set of prescription sunglasses. And you don't need to replace your sunglasses every time your prescription changes. That's a big deal. 

- They are quick to put on and durable, making them excellent as protective motorcycle sunglasses and as car driving sunglasses. They are nearly as simple to put on as any normal pair of sunglasses.

- They give you protection from every angle - something clip-on sunglasses can't do. And they aren't as clumsy to deal with as clip-ons. Try putting on clip-on sunglasses while driving. It isn't easy and light definitely seeps in from various nooks and crannies. 

- They are very economical. That's a big thing for the many people out there that tend to lose sunglasses all the time. Or if you like having multiple pairs of sunglasses all around your home and automobiles. 

So check out these five top wrap-around sunglasses. All under $50 and all sporting some real style. You may be impressed by what you find!

HD Vision WrapArounds Wrap Around Sunglasses

A very popular choice at an unbelievable price.

HD Vision WrapArounds Wrap Around Sunglasses
Amazon Price: $12.99 $3.00 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 17, 2015)

These wrap-arounds are about as budget-friendly as any you are going to find out on the market, making them a very popular selection. But they've definitely still got some good looks. 

HD Vision promises HD-like vividness, clarity, and color with the lenses in these glasses, so they're going to be an excellent set to keep in your car for heavy amounts of driving. The lenses will help keep everything crystal clear. Those that have worn them say these sunglasses do that job very well and that the build quality is quite good for wrap-arounds at this low of a price. 

Eagle Eyes Fit-Ons Polarized Sunglasses: Matte Black Frame, Gold Brown Lens

These are stylish and a tech geek's dream!

How many sunglass brands can tout that they were developed in NASA labs? Eagle Eyes can. And this makes this set of wrap-around sunglasses the perfect choice for the tech geek out there who just loves having high technology in everything.

These definitely sport that high-tech pedigree. Their patented lenses are polarized and block ultraviolet rays at 100%, but that's just the beginning of the story. It uses wavelength science to enhance your vision. Everything pops to life just a little bit more when you wear these glasses, like you've just been given enhanced seeing capabilities. 

If you've got a loved one who wears glasses and is into tech (there's a few out there that fit this mold, including the author!), these make an excellent birthday or Christmas gift. 

HD Night Vision Wraparounds Wrap Around Glasses

An excellent choice for heavy night drivers.

HD Night Vision Wraparounds Wrap Around Glasses
Amazon Price: $19.99 $5.65 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 17, 2015)

Another HD Vision set at a crazy good price, but there's a twist to these glasses compared to others. They are built to be the perfect wrap-arounds for night driving. They reduce the glare associated with wet roads, heavy night-time traffic, and lit billboards, so you'll have a much more comfortable drive!

If night-time driving is a big part of your life, having a pair of these wrap-arounds in your car is a very smart move to make. These also receive rave reviews for their build quality and overall style compared to more expensive models.

Birdz Eyewear Beak Sunglasses: Black Lenses

Looking for a pair in subtle yet stylish black?

Colored lenses is not everybody's favorite thing, so here's a popular pair in black. They feature smoke lenses (polarized) that too are great for cutting down on road glare. If you're looking for a subtle pair of wrap-arounds that can work no matter the occasion, this is an excellent pair to get. 

Birdz Eyewear Beak Sunglasses: Brown Tortoise Print Frame

The other sunglass frame "classic".

Another excellent Birdz Eyewear value here, very similar to the black style above, but of course it's the other sunglass classic: tortoise shell frames! The style never grows old. The lenses themselves are dark and polarized, offering 100% UV and total wrap-around protection. 

Great Prices And Protection, And More Stylish Than Ever

It used to be the case that sunglasses over glasses was a cringe-worthy thought. But as you can see things have changed a lot! Style is no longer the forgotten child when it comes to wrap-around sunglasses, and yet the prices are still as good as ever. In fact, they are an excellent solution for car sunglasses or for any prescription eyeglass wearers who don't want to spend the big bucks on prescription sunglasses. Especially, if that person happens to also be a tad forgetful. These won't bite your wallet when a replacement is needed, and you've got to love that!