Since I spent a couple of decades in my younger years as a smoker, my skin does not look as young as it should. Sure, I am at an age where wrinkles and lines should be showing up but not to the extent that they are right now. In an attempt to combat these age lines, I bought up all kinds of wrinkle creams and topical wrinkle fillers. The products all promised to diminish the existence of wrinkles on my face, but I just did not get the kind of results that I wanted. I was not expecting a miracle, but I did want the wrinkles to lighten up a little bit. My mom suggested that I give microdermabrasion a try, which I did.

Microdermabrasion - Defined

If you’re anything like me, then you likely have no idea what microdermabrasion actually means. I was the same way the first time my mom mentioned it to me. You will most commonly hear or see this term in terms of a microdermabrasion kit. What it does is work to remove the layer of dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. The purpose of this is so that the tighter and softer skin underneath can see the light of day. Usually this skin is newer and younger, which is why microdermabrasion is used for anti-aging treatments. It does not actually turn back the clock on aging, it just removes old skin.

My Experience With Microdermabrasion - Youthful Essence

Since I was new to microdermabrasion, I ended up buying the first kit that I came across, which is the Susan Lucci microdermabrasion kit. I think she looks pretty young for her age, so it must be a decent product. I was kind of surprised to learn that this kit involves a kind of lengthy process, so you have to really be dedicated to your beauty regimen. You have to buff away the old skin with a cream and the resurfacing tool. Then you clean the face with the facial cleanser, which is supposed to loosen any remaining dead skin cells. Once that is done, you have to exfoliate to actually remove the remaining dead skin cells. Sadly, you’re still not done. You have an anti-aging serum for your skin as well as a daily moisturizer that you have to use regularly. It is really quite a chore. Even though it only cost me $30, I stuck with it because I was determined to look better. Fortunately, all that work paid off because my skin actually did started looking better after just two weeks. The lines on my forehead are hardly noticeable and my skin feels much tighter than before.