Apostille was created under the Hague Convention in an attempt to simplify the certification of foreign documents. Previously there were four different types of stamps to get foreign countries to recognize your documents. Now you only need to go to one place and this place is called a ‘notary’ usually held in a large government building that deals with certifying documents. In America it is the main secretary of state building held in your State’s capital. In other countries they try to hold one in each major city of particular provinces or areas of government. Canada was not a part of the Hague convention, so Canadians cannot apostille their documents. They must go to the Korean Consulate closest to them in order to notarize their documents.

What Documents are needed to Apostille?

You will need to get your criminal background checks and get two copies of your college degree or degrees apostilled from a notary in your native country. The ‘two copies of the college degree’ is important because if you plan to change jobs, renew jobs, or quit and change jobs you will need a newly verified degree. The Korean government is no longer accepting original degrees. According to their website, “apostille stamp or verification from the Korean consulate of the foreigner’s own country” I have created a list of where this can be done in various English speaking countries. Yes, you will have to drive to these places and get them apostilled or notarized in person.  

Plan a Day between M-F & 9-5.

No matter your work schedule or lack of vehicle, you will have to get to the closest notary that performs apostille services. If you are currently working a nine-to-five job you will need to request a day-off. If you have no car you will need to find someone willing to drive you possibly, depending on where you live, to a far city. If you’re in America you don’t have to apostille in the same state, just go to the closest service provided.

What Needs to Be Apostilled? CRC’s & Degrees

A couple copies of each college degree need to be apostilled and your criminal background checks. Remember to apostille the COPIES of your college degree, not your original degree. If you have both a master’s and bachelor’s get each copy apostilled, the originals. As for the criminal record checks, you should have two, get both ORIGINAL checks apostilled. One CRC will be for your first E-2 work visa, the other will be your backup plan in case you need a new visa.

Drive to the Apostille Service (Korean Consulate for Canadians)

Make sure you have your copy documents, original documents, and all forms of identification with you. It won’t hurt to call the agency and ask what you need to bring.