Currently there are many men who are reporting what have become known as low testosterone symptoms. These symptoms vary from man to man, yet there are several commonalities in them. These symptoms of low testosterone all have to do with optimum functioning as a man and include the loss of ability to concentrate, loss of motivation, exhaustion, fatigue, depression, troubling sleeping, oversleeping, lack of libido, and impotence. Obviously you can see why many call low testosterone syndrome the "man killer". However, with new testosterone replacement therapies, many men are beating back these symptoms of low testosterone, with some reporting that they feel and function as well as they did when they were thirty years younger.

Benefits of Testosterone

I'd like to point out many of the benefits of testosterone replacement in this article so that people suffering from loss of testosterone can decide if they want to proceed with a testosterone treatment. Now, it is important to note that in some cases there can be side effects from hormone therapy and it is important to talk to your doctor or nutritionist even if you are just starting a course of natural testosterone boosters.

The best thing, as reported by the men who use them, about testosterone boosters is that they eliminate the symptoms of low testosterone by replacing the testosterone in the body to its optimum levels. For instance, many men using testosterone injections report that they are feeling more energized and more able to take on arduous tasks. This is one of the main testosterone benefits is that it allows men to regain their desire to challenge themselves. Some have said that replacing testosterone brings that long-lost zest back to a man's life. Some men report that after beginning testosterone therapy that they have trained for and completed weight lifting competitions and marathons. Others report that they have stared new businesses or rededicated themselves to their career.

Another benefit of testosterone occurs in the bedroom. As testosterone production drops off due to age, many men notice a drop off in their sex lives. For instance, many men report impotence or inability to get and maintain a satisfactory erection. For other men it is the very interest in sex that is lacking. Many married men suffering from low testosterone syndrome report that they rarely have an interest in sleeping with their wives or girlfriends or that they often have sex just to maintain appearances. Naturally, this kind of situation is not desirable for men of any age. However, improved sexual performance is one of the main benefits of increased testosterone levels. Testosterone, as the regulator of sex function, can make a huge difference in the quality of a person's sex life improving erectile function and libido.

Now, when discussing these testosterone benefits it is important to note that most men do not report minor improvements. In most instances the increase in ability and performance as a result of boosting testosterone is reported as major. Many men describe the difference in their quality of life before and after beginning a testosterone replacement program as night and day. In fact, there are so many men who are pleased with the results of increasing testosterone levels that a number of websites and blogs have sprung up to discuss various testosterone boosting therapies and what men have found to be successful. Therefore, if you are considering boosting your testosterone either by using a natural testosterone supplement or by visiting your doctor for testosterone injections or creams, you should look online to get a feel for what products are working for other men.

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