Losing weight is more than just exercising or cutting back calories.  While these things can really aid your weight loss, and achieving your target weight, the most important thing to consider is your portion size.


It is indeed possible to reach your target weight by using portion size alone, although it does require YOU to actively help on the journey.  Portion size unfortunately means that you will be turned off, as you will inevitably think that by controlling portion sizes, you will automatically be hungry.  This is simply not the case.  By knowing what foods are good for you, and what are bad, means that you never have to go hungry again.  What would you say if I told you that you can eat bucket loads of food, and not gain any extra weight?  Call me a charlatan if you will, but it is absolutely true- for instance celery in real terms has minus calories… You actually burn up more calories eating celery than you gain from the item itself!!!


With that in mind, you can achieve that goal… If you were an absolute sadist!  As the phrase goes, man can not live on celery alone… or something along those lines!


Portion size in a nutshell means controlling the amount of food you eat in specific food groups.  Weight watchers proclaim all fruit and vegetables to be zero point values.  So you may only have a small amount of high value foods on your plate, but you bulk it up with vegetables.  Instead of binging on chocolate, they allow you to eat as many carrot sticks as you wish, as these will not adversely affect your weight over the course of the diet.


I take this one step further, and allow all foods to be eaten (and you do not need to have a food chart present to tell you which is high in points or not).  We are all pretty intelligent people at heart, and for the 90% who fit in the bell curve, most people realise that eating fired chicken with the skin on is very very high in fat.  Conversely, eating fruit and veg. is very low in fat.  So with that in mind, you just need to adjust your portion size to incorporate more things low in fat, and reduce the high fatty foods.


When you combine this with a good exercise program, you are onto a winner.  Exercise programs do not need to be long and hard.  A walk round the park is far better than a trip to the local fast food market… and a jog is better than a walk and so on and so on – incidentally, skipping for 15 minutes is as good as a 30 minute run.  Bearing this in mind you can work smarter, and not harder.


Combine everything together and you are on a fast track to losing weight and looking better, and feeling healthier.  It is very easy to get bogged down in trying to look perfect and be supermodels (as the fashion mags would like us to believe).


The best thing to do is to set yourself goals.  When I started working on my fitness and body, I was looking at the end goal only, and it was very discouraging.  It was not long before I gave up, because it was unattainable and impossible to look like the people I wanted to look like.  The answer is to have that long goal, but have realistic targets.  Tracking your body stats can help enormously.  Tracking things like body fat, weight, bicep, waist, thighs etc, all help to keep you on your goal, and help to set those goals.  What is even better, is that when you are tracking a number of different measurements, one of them will improve in a set amount of days. If your weight goes up, but your biceps increase in circumference, you can attribute the weight gain to the additional bicep mass (remembering that muscle does weigh more than fat).  With these improvements –selective thought they might be, it is very easy to see where you are improving and it massively helps you to stay motivated.


Taking a picture before you start working out also really helps.  This way, you can look back on how you used to look and you can actually SEE where you are improving.  Everybody can try to convince you that you look better, but when you see with your own eyes the vast improvements you have made, it is such an ego boost, that you want to get straight back on that bike and ride some more to see how far you can push yourself!  If you have a planned amount of time to improve – ie 90 days before the wedding, take a picture after you have finished.  This will give you the motivation to try to stick where you are, or to improve even further.


These small victories amount up to massive victories over time. This is all about winning the small battles, and pretty soon the war is over.  The war analogy is very poignant here, as you will lose some battles.  After all, you know you should not eat the extra large triple cheese pizza… but sometimes you do.  It is a small battle, but when you have just overcome 10 battles, it does put it all into perspective.


I achieved my target of reaching a ‘healthy’ BMI, and  I am now going to be working towards my next goal of actually getting healthy and fit.  I am taking a totally new outlook on this, and know that I require motivation and help, so I started a new blog to track my goals and to share with the larger community.  This is how I plan to keep myself motivated in the next phase.  I know my shortcomings with fitness regimes, so I am actively quashing those demons by going public.  This will work for me, and you need to see how best you can motivate yourself and also to keep the interest in working out with you.  It is not an easy task as it drains you physically most of the time, but the benefits are more than worth it at the end.  When you can go from 30 to 60 steps without losing your breath you are taking the small steps to a big victory- maybe running a marathon, or climbing Everest.  Where ever this journey takes you, I wish you all the best, and hope that you can conquer your fat and your health moving forwards.