What is a push gift?


A push gift is a gift given to new mothers usually immediately after giving birth to her new child by her husband but anyone is free to give one. Push gifts can be given before or after the baby is born and sometimes even right in th delivery room!

Some people prefer to call these gifts a "baby mama gift" or a "baby bauble". But it doesn't matter what you call it because it all comes down to what makes a great gift for a new mom.

What To Think About

The key to finding the perfect present is to really think about what the mom or baby really need or something that can help them bond. Helping mother and child to really bond and express love for one another is our main goal here.


So what will make mom and baby bond?

The most valuable thing for building a bond with a new baby is spending as much time as you can with it. So try and think of something that they will both use and have fun with all at the same time. 

A baby swing is perfect for this! Baby swings are perhaps one of the most enjoyable toys for newborns and a great energy saver for mom. It doubles as play time for both of them to laugh and smile together and a nice cozy spot for baby to sleep while mom rocks it gently.

Another great idea is to get mom and baby matching jewelery . A family necklace is a great idea to give them something to share for the rest of their lives. There is such a variety of necklaces available for just this occasion.


Create Lasting Memories

Every mom will want to remember their childs early days as they grow up. These memories are beautiful and cherished however over time they begin to fade. don't let her memories of her baby leave her as it grows up.

A camcorder is the perfect gift to make sure that she can always look back. Make sure that she can see her childs first steps, first word, first bath a hundred times. Those are the memories that should stay as clear as the day they happened.


Any Thing They Need

And finally anything that a new mom needs is a great push gift. No new parent can have everything ready when the baby arrives. Stay ahead of the game and talk to mom regularly and ask her what's missing, if anything is hard to find, and any other problems that she is having.

Just paying attention to her needs and knowing her as a person will help you to find the perfect present.

So remember when you are looking for the perfect push gift idea to think of what mom needs. What she needs can be anything from a thousand diapers to something deeper and more emotional. If you help her create a lasting bond with her child she will be forever grateful. And ensuring that she can always look back at her bonding time will make for a very happy mom in the future and you may even get to see a few baby pictures.