Even though our massive United States' population now currently boasts of a population that hovers somewhere around 350 million people, it is only a small handful of that total number that have chosen to fully embrace the military life. In fact, for nearly a million and a half of these American citizens, the military is the only way of life that they may have ever known. With such an exceedingly devout population, the generational aspect of military service is near undeniable.


For decades, tradition has dictated a firmly, and deep-founded, sense of patriotism and duty that spans the breadth of generational involvement. Just as societal, and familial, values and traditions are passed on from one generation to the next, so also is the glorified reputation of military service held in high regard amongst many Americans. Even if they don't actually serve themselves, typically, most people know, or have known, someone who has served and who has sacrificed greatly, in one aspect or another, for our great country. With a continual threat of war, even in times of peace, the generational aspect of military service is clearly one that we hold in high reliance in order to safeguard our borders, as well as protect the ones we love from any outside harm that may come upon them or our precious nation.


While our earliest militia was typically composed of strictly males filling infantry roles, increasing development of technology has clearly served to escalate an inherent need for female soldiers as well. Complementing the role of technology is also all the service branches evident expansion into hundreds of varying military occupational specialties. While all soldiers are predominantly trained to be a warrior and a fighter, an ever-growing military force requires numerous specialties in order to completely sustain its structure and its missions, on both the home front as well as on the frontlines. For the new recruit, the choices are nearly limitless in regards to what military occupational specialties (MOS) they can pick and pursue, no matter where their military career may eventually take them.


This aspect of military service has clearly given all branches of the military an enthusiastic appeal in regards to the application of vital skills learned from the civilian world. The generational phenomena has become even more so able to be passed on because of such limitless scope of opportunities that are available for men and women, of all cultures, to pursue if they so desire to do so.


Supporting the framework of the overall military organization is no easy task. For this reason, as our country has become incredibly diversified with males and females, of many varying cultures, having chosen the military lifestyle. No matter what their political stance or religious ideology, many American citizens can serve as a testament to this unity, upon which our country was founded, and has maintained throughout the years. It is this unity that emerges, in their great diversity, through their enthusiastic dawning of the military uniform, which makes this nation so great.


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