With the summer months upon us, the importance of keeping your body hydrated just can't be emphasized enough. The repetition of casual reminders to drink more and more fluids may become irritating with each use, although, the severity of the consequences (of not drinking fluids) could ultimately become incredibly drastic if you refuse. What may begin as simple heat cramps, may unfold progressively to the point of heat exhaustion, or even worse: heat stroke and, very possible, death. Hydration is clearly not an issue that should be taken lightly, no matter what your given situation, or circumstance, may be.

Chances are that you won't get to the point of having to ration valuable resources of water, while engaging in a lengthy, and dreaded, trek across the massive, and near endless, Sahara Desert in Northern Africa. Unless you are a nomad, most individuals probably don't have to endure a scenario like that, unless, of course, they do so by their own free will. Even still, many activities that we engage in everyday could very possibly parallel the excess rigors, and struggles, that one may encounter in the Sahara Desert.

With its radiant heat, and universal affect, the sun is something that most will be unable to avoid, nor will you want to. The sun's rays can have a valuable affect on our skin, if consumed in moderation, although, like many things, what can help you could also hurt you if taken in excess. Whether you live in the brutal desert of Arizona, or in Africa, dehydration could affect you. And, contrary to what many people may think, dehydration can also be a concern in lower climatic regions, as well.

One may think that this concern would only exist in countries, or states, where it is typically very hot. As long as your body expends energy, water and fluids will be lost; leading to an incredible need to replace those fluids, no matter what country or region you may live in. Whether you are a construction worker, laboring rigorously under the intensity of the sun's heat, or a soldier who is partaking and engaging in daily combat operations within the Middle Eastern region, our bodies have an incredible need to be nourished and replenished. Like a fine oiled machine, unfortunately, without these considerations, especially in extreme climates (hot or cold), one could easily fall victim of these conditions.

Many manufacturers have realized this need, and have done what they can to make fluid consumption that much more convenient, efficient, and effective. While water bottles may do the trick, for many, extended, rigorous, activity may require the use of a water hydration pack. Camelbak, of which most individuals have become familiar with over the years, essentially began to take the lead in the manufacturing of hydration products like these. Not only are these products convenient for easy access, when handling other objects of essential gear or tactical equipment, but they have also been engineered in a way that provides varying features, ranging from increased fluid capacity, to special cooling features embedded within the fabric of these products.

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