Basements are excellent to protect people from tornadoes and other types of weather. However, floods or even too much rain can cause a problem, so it is a good idea to install a sump pump in the basement. It is also a good idea to have a sump pump cover. These covers need to fit well in order to be effective. Then they can prevent small objects from falling in the hole and damaging the pump. These also make the pumps safer since it prevents small animals and children from falling in. Sometimes building codes, require these.

Some people neglect to get the cover because there is not a mechanical or plumbing reason to get one. The pump works just fine without it. However, having one is safer not just because it keeps objects out, but also because it can help prevent radon gas. Of course, one should still have basements checked, because coverings will not completely prevent the problem, but it will help.

If you cannot find a proper fitted cover, it is possible to make one yourself. A rubber gasket and plywood can be used for making a good seal. However, there are so many sump pump covers on the market, you will probably find what you need. They are not usually very expensive and still get the job done.

For less than ten dollars you can find a lid that is nineteen inches. These covers claim to be heavy duty and very easy to connect with the sump pump. A twenty and half inch polyethylene high quality cover can be found for around twenty dollars. If you wish to fasten this securely there are eight bolt holes. An eight-inch Pentair model claims it can block the noise of sump pumps and help stop water from evaporating into basements. If none of these work, you can probably contact the manufacturer of your sump pump to buy the perfect cover.

One can still never be too careful and this should not give parents a false sense of security. Small children have been known to remove these if they are not secured very well. In July of 2009 a three-year-old girl drowned after falling face first in the family's basement sump pump. The cover for the pit was discovered under some furniture in the basement. Such a horrible thing should remind parents never to underestimate the strength of their little ones. Just cinder blocks on top are never an effective idea, though they can be put on top of the cover.

Another safety precaution is to have a battery backup for your sump pump. During a tornado, the family would likely take shelter in the basement and the electricity would likely go out. If there is also flooding with the storm and there is no battery backup, then the family may have to choose between drowning or being killed by the high winds. Hopefully, that will not happen, and families can do enough to stay safe from wind and water.